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Don't fall behind on your education while the COVID-19 is at large.

Let an Online Tutor help to keep you on track. Message one for free today!

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With schools and universities across the world closing their doors due to the Coronavirus pandemic, teachers, students, and parents alike have been forced to rapidly adapt to online classes and at-home self-study.

At WikiExpert, we completely understand the difficulty that comes with a loss of structure and routine. However, it is still essential for students of all ages to remain caught up on their studies and, if possible, even get ahead during COVID-19 quarantine.

What happens if a student falls behind during changes brought about by the pandemic? Unfortunately, this could lead to major difficulties upon return to school. With the lack of a solid foundation will come future struggling, low grades, frustration, and the potential need to repeat subject material.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend:

Dressing as you would for a typical school day.

Dress for success or in this case, for school. Lounging in pajama pants will only set a tone for rest and relaxation while carrying on with your typical school morning routine will keep you mentally primed for study success.

Setting a schedule and sticking to it.

Recreate a schedule similar to the one you would have maintained during a regular school day, and don’t make exceptions. By sticking to a rigorous schedule, you make it easier for yourself to study for an appropriate amount of time and stay ahead.

Practicing active study habits.

Losing out on classroom collaboration may be one of the biggest blows to learning during this pandemic. By asking yourself frequent questions before, during, and after a period of study, you will better retain information and process what you’ve learned. Ask a parent or roommate to help you out, if necessary!

Settling on a designated study space.

This can be a desk, the dining room table, or even the kitchen bar as long as the atmosphere isn’t too distracting. Choose a place that feels good to you, then stick to it. Keep your books, pens, laptop, and other supplies in the same spot. Then, when you settle down, your brain will know it’s time to dive into work.

Working with an Online Tutor.

Studying closely with a Tutor online is the perfect way to maintain a good relationship with your education while also maintaining appropriate social distancing and surviving a new way of life during shelter-at-home orders. 

These Tutors may work with anyone from college students to children in elementary school, and tutoring can help students to work on all of the tips above while also providing extra assistance in understanding challenging subject material like online math or online science. Browse our Online Tutors today and message them for free!

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