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Learn how to choose and measure KPIs for your business.

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If you’re a small business owner, there’s one concept you’ll need to conquer as soon as possible in order to guarantee you and your company optimal success—KPIs. KPI stands for “key performance indicator,” and these indicators are some of the most valuable tools you have at your disposal as you aim to further develop and grow your business.

Here, we’ll talk a bit more about KPIs, why they’re important, and how you can master them for yourself.

What are KPIs?

Why your business needs KPIs infographic

Key performance indicators are one way that business owners can measure the success of their business objectives in a tangible, quantifiable way. A KPI, for instance, is something that is critical to an organization’s goal, and it should be easily measurable. When a company chooses which KPIs to emphasize during its regular process of self-evaluation, it is essentially pre-determining its future success.

A few KPI examples include the average response time of customer service efforts, the ratio of total tickets versus open tickets in areas involving customer solutions, or a measure of sales growth. For example, 70% of respondents working with onboarding programs reported using employee retention as a KPI. Other subsets of KPIs, such as marketing KPIs, also exist.

The important role of KPIs.

Without KPIs, business owners would have no idea how to measure the success of their efforts and make appropriate changes in the future.

KPIs provide opportunities for beneficial self-reflection, analysis, and troubleshooting. The data acquired from KPIs yield invaluable guidance toward areas that need the most effort within your day-to-day and overarching operations.

This is why business owners should strive to choose the most high-performance indicators as their primary KPIs—the more relevant a KPI is to your business’s performance, the more value it will have as an indicator of its future success.

A personal KPI Coach.

While they may not actually be called “KPI Coaches,” there are a group of professionals who are well acquainted with the KPI meaning, how to prioritize KPIs, how to create a KPI dashboard for visual analysis, and how to utilize KPI metrics for business success. Instead of KPI Coaches, these MVPs of the business world are called “Online Business Coaches.”

If you want to learn how to establish and write your own KPIs, measure various KPIs, and improve your KPIs to further empower your business, you’ll benefit greatly from registering for online business coaching sessions. An Online Business Coach will not only be able to help you master the concept of KPIs as it relates to optimizing your business practices but they will also be able to provide you with general advice about owning and operating a business.

Thanks to flexible schedules and affordable prices, there’s nothing to lose! Contact one of our Business Coaches today, and learn exactly how measuring and analyzing KPIs can help your business to thrive. Browse through our list of Online Business Coaches now and message them for free!

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