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Make your long-distance relationship work.

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“Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Have you ever heard that popular saying? These days, it’s becoming more and more relevant!

Particularly in the age of online dating, long-distance relationships are becoming incredibly common. The prevalence of dating sites and mobile apps in addition to the frequency of worldwide travel makes the question of how to make a long-distance relationship work a frequent concern.

How is It possible?

If you’ve never been in a long-distance relationship yourself or have never even considered the possibility, let us assure you that they are much more normal than you might think! According to some global statistics about long-distance relationships, more than half of these relationships are successful—not too different than the rate of divorce amongst married couples.

Even just knowing that long-distance relationships are on equal grounds with so-called “IRL” (a common abbreviation for “in real life”) relationships can mean a huge confidence boost for those who have found a potential partner who doesn’t live near them.

Is a long-distance relationship really viable?

Yes! If you need further proof, there are people all over the world who can assure you that long-distance relationships can be viable and satisfying, even if they need a bit more nurturing than relationships where each party lives near one another.

For example, studies have shown that distance can actually improve communication.

How could it happen?

Long-distance relationships may come to fruition in a variety of ways. For example, long-distance partners may meet online and choose to date from opposite corners of the world, or a nearby partner may accept a job in a different country.

Making it work.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, about to find some distance between you and your partner, or if you’re considering taking the next step with a loved one who lives far away, speaking with an Online Counselor is a great idea. A Relationship Counselor who meets with you online will be eager to learn the specifics of your individual circumstances and how they can help you to move forward healthily and with confidence.

During online counseling sessions, you can learn how to make long-distance relationships work, how to survive the unique challenges that come with these relationships, and even how to find some fun ways (like sex games for long-distance relationships) to make the most of the distance.

Missing your long-distance partner is perfectly understandable, but speaking with a professional about long-distance love can make it easier to cope and keep your relationship strong despite the distance. Browse through our list of Online Relationship Counselors now and message them for free.

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