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Don't let your in-laws ruin your marriage.

Let an Online Marriage Counselor advise and help you with saving your relationship.

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We’ve all heard the phrase immortalized in the media over the decades—” Oh, no. It’s the in-laws.”

However, feuds between overbearing in-laws and their child’s spouse aren’t just for laughs on television. In many cases, these relationships can cause real damage to a marriage, particularly if interference from in-laws becomes persistent.

To further prove that the infamous in-law dispute scenario is more than a media trope, 75% of couples interviewed across the world have indicated having problems with one or both of their in-laws.

How parents-in-law can weaken a marriage.

Falling in love with your partner doesn’t always mean falling in love with your parents, but the unfortunate reality is that it’s difficult, in many situations, to choose between parents and a spouse! For this reason, married couples often tolerate more hardships with in-laws than they would with anyone else, perpetuating relationships and interactions which could be damaging in the long term.

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Are your overbearing in-laws interfering?

Because interference from an overbearing mother or father can sometimes be subtle, often demonstrated over a long period of time as a toxic undertone that festers within the foundation of your relationship with your spouse, it can be helpful to review a few real-life examples of how your spouse’s parents could be interfering in your marriage.

Your in-laws may be interfering if:

Signs of interfering in-laws infographic

  • They demand large amounts of your spouse’s time and energy;
  • They attempt to parent your children differently or consistently criticize the decisions you and your spouse make as parents;
  • They speak ill of you to your spouse or treat you poorly;
  • They frequently send you, your spouse, or both on “guilt trips.”

How to save your relationship

If you think that your in-laws are contributing to toxicity in your marriage, not all is lost. Even when the situation seems too complex to tackle, reach out to an Online Marriage Counselor for help. By speaking to a Marriage Counselor alone or together with your spouse, you can discuss how dealing with difficult in-laws has hindered your marriage and, most importantly, learn how to set boundaries with your in-laws to prevent further problems.

Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with asking for help from a Marriage Counselor. Instead, online marriage counseling can be seen as a tool for you to overcome the challenges associated with difficult in-laws. Instead, consider the act of working with an Online Marriage Counselor to be a step toward success, love, and healing. 

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Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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