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Lead a healthy lifestyle today!

Read the journey of a Certified Health Coach and learn how to overcome stress through a healthy lifestyle.

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Gloria Halim is an Online Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. She specializes in women’s health and wellness and works with Clients on a 1-2-1 basis, with a special focus on managing stress and balancing hormones. She helps Clients to achieve goals through her online coaching programs. She is also an author and an international speaker. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, it inspired not only to lead a healthier lifestyle but also to help others. Let's get to know more about Gloria and her journey: 

WikiExpert: To all those people who are healthy skeptics, how would you convince them to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Gloria Halim: Thankfully I don’t have to convince anyone about their health. When I talk about my journey through health, a lot of people can relate in one way or another and can understand the value of taking time to focus on their own health. 

WikiExpert: So, you specialize in helping women who are over-stressed and those who are suffering from a hormone imbalance. How do you help your Clients to de-stress when you're conducting online sessions? 

Gloria Halim: There are several modalities I use for myself that I share with my Clients from coaching to diet, to meditation to breath work to using essential oils, it all depends on what the Client’s needs are at the particular point in time.

WikiExpert: What is the number one cause for a hormonal imbalance and how do you help with solving this?

Gloria Halim: There are several causes of hormone imbalance that vary between individuals however right up there are high levels of stress. When a potential Client comes to me, I take them through a discovery session where I find out about their lifestyle and health, I get as much information from them to determine if I can support them. They also complete a hormone balance questionnaire that gives some indication of what might be going on. If I can help them and they become a Client, and we start the coaching program.

WikiExpert: What is your number one strategy for balancing your Client's personal and professional lives? 

Gloria Halim: Ooohh, - their first step is to hire a Health Coach, lol ? Now everyone is different and present with different issues and I can’t say there’s just one strategy. What I would say to Clients once they sign up to one of my programs is to set an intention for what they want to achieve from the program. I also ask them to be open and ready to do the work to allow the changes they want to occur. The next thing is to look into their diet and start making the necessary changes.

WikiExpert: Tell us a little about your online sessions and programs? What do you cover in these and how can Clients benefit? 

Gloria Halim: I have two group programs, the first is called “Body Boost” which is a six-week personal coaching program that helps Clients reset their health and body. It’s specifically for those who not only want to kickstart their weight loss journey but also want to reconnect and learn about what their body needs.

The second program is called “Blissfully Balanced Program” which is a 3-month, 1-2-1 program for women who want to balance hormones. When women come to me, they’ve usually been to their Doctors who have run some tests that seem to be fine but they don’t feel like themselves and know there’s something wrong. We work together on a very personal level over the 3-month period (typically 6-7 one-hour sessions), find out the root cause of the issues their experiencing and they get to learn and understand how hormones work, affect the body and get them back in balance using diet & nutrition, essential oils, supplements and other modalities where needed.

Another program is my 8-week digital course, “The Thrive Technique” which includes a series of recorded videos, health and wellness resources, and activities to guide individuals on their health journey. This is more of a DIY program that some clients prefer to purchase prior to working with me.

I also have 3-Day and 12-Day detox programs which include recipes, shopping lists, plans and meditation audios to help cleanse the body and nourish it with all the goodness it needs.

WikiExpert: You also help your Clients with improving their energy levels, how do you help with this? 

Gloria Halim: Believe it or not, it starts with diet. When we eat a highly processed, sugar diet or similar to what we know as the standard American diet (SAD), it takes the digestive system a lot longer to process these foods and can sometimes grab energy from the body to help with the breakdown of these foods. So the first thing we do is check in with diet and get a reset on that. Next, we look at lifestyle and how we can make changes towards boosting energy levels.

WikiExpert: In addition to health and wellness coaching, you also help women with fertility issues. How do you help them? 

Gloria Halim: I work with them to create a preconception plan which helps them heal, reset, balance hormones and get their body ready for conception. The body is really intelligent to the level where it would resist if the environment is not conducive for pregnancy so we need to create that stress-free, healthy environment where a baby can grow and thrive.

WikiExpert: What are the common causes of infertility? 

Gloria Halim:  Some causes of infertility are:

Ovulatory failure (including Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) 

Tubal damage 


Male problems 


The most common being unexplained which is where after going through thorough investigations, Doctors are not able to find any specific or identifiable root cause however additional factors that contribute to infertility are stress and hormone imbalance.

WikiExpert: How would you advise someone to lead a happy and balanced life?

Gloria Halim: Eat healthily, reduce stress, exercise, get good quality sleep and absolutely have fun (so necessary). Also, get a yearly medical check-up to make sure your levels are optimal.

WikiExpert: Apart from your many specialties, I see you also offer advice to people suffering from cancer. How do you help cancer patients? How do you advise them?

Gloria Halim: Everyone’s journey is different and I don’t interfere with anyone’s treatment plan and try to stay away from that. I do share my journey with them and some of what to expect if they have been given a treatment plan similar to what I went through. 

Where I do offer more support however is to ladies who have finished treatment and need support navigating the “new normal”. When you’re going through treatment, you know where you are and what you have to do from appointment to appointment (it’s like having a job) but when that’s all over and your oncologist says “you’re done, we’ll see you in a month for follow up”, that’s when the real hard work begins and you’re not sure what to do or how to move forward – that’s where I’m able to offer support.

WikiExpert: I see that you have authored a few books, congratulations! This book, in particular, has a very catchy title: Healing Foods – Healthy Foods: Use Superfoods to Help Fight Disease and Maintain a Healthy Body. Do you strongly believe that by eating the right types of foods, you can fight off diseases?

Gloria Halim: Yes, I do. The foods we eat can either heal us or literally kill us slowly. If you live off a diet of highly processed, sugary foods, these cause high levels of inflammation in the body and if left unchecked for long periods can turn into dis-ease. Opting for healthier, more plant-based foods will help reduce the risk of dis-ease in the long run.

WikiExpert: You offer online mini-series and challenges, what are these about? Tell us a little about this.

Gloria Halim: I put a lot of these together to make it easier for individuals to understand and navigate the health journey. You see, through my practice and speaking at events, I heard so many people complain about how difficult it is to get the right information on nutrition and wellness, not knowing what to do or how to get started, and how difficult it is staying healthy. 

With the masterclasses and challenges, they get the right information, learn and push themselves past the limits they put on themselves and heal in a fun way. One of the challenges I run is called “30-Day Jump Start” which is a program that comes packed with recipes and activities to get through each week with additional support in a private online community. This challenge is perfect for those who need a total reset that’s short and easy to commit to. I intend to run this again at the beginning of March just in time for spring.

WikiExpert: You've also written some recipes. Do you offer and tailor-make different recipes for each of your Clients?

Gloria Halim: Yes, sometimes I do for hormone balance or gut healing. Having said that, a lot of the recipes I’ve created are mostly plant-based, healthy and suit most of my Clients’ needs. 

Now, let's get to know more about Gloria:

WikiExpert: When you're not coaching and helping others, where can we find you? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Gloria Halim: I love to read but sometimes don’t get the opportunity to do that but this year, I’ve committed to making time for that. I also like to cook, creating new healthy recipes is my thing. Self-care is very important so I take time out for yoga, go to the spa (I do love a good spa day), and connect with family and friends.

WikiExpert: You've been diagnosed with breast cancer and still, you are so positive and you are making a difference in other’s lives. Which is amazing and admirable! Tell us a little about your journey through this?

Gloria Halim: got diagnosed in October 2008 and had to go through multiple surgeries, chemo, and radiation. Having gone through all that and suffering from the side effects of all the medication, I needed to find ways to heal from all I had been through that didn’t involve additional pharmaceuticals. So I embarked on my own research and found that I needed to start with cleaning out my diet, got into juicing vegetables which sped up the healing process and improved my energy levels. That led me to write my book. I wanted to learn more so I went ahead to train as a certified Health Coach in New York.

WikiExpert: What are your plans both personally and professionally? 

Gloria Halim: My plan is to reach, help and support more women globally providing them the information they need to heal and take control of their health. We live in a world that’s highly stressed and dis-eased and been socialized to think that we are not in control and depend on pharmaceuticals to function. Nature has blessed us with so much of what we need to heal, live and thrive, we need to take advantage of that.

WikiExpert: How do you see yourself in the next three years?

Gloria Halim: Running my center where women come to heal, recharge and reconnect with themselves.

WikiExpert: What is the most valuable lesson you've learned from life?

Gloria Halim: Don’t take it for granted especially where health is concerned. Find what feeds and nourishes you emotionally, physically and mentally, and brings you joy. Stop worrying about what others think of you or seeking validation externally, the answers you seek are within you.

Do you want to start living a healthy lifestyle? Message Gloria Halim for free today and book a session with her!

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