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Learn how to communicate with your partner effectively.

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Communication can be difficult, particularly when it involves feeling vulnerable, putting a difficult truth out into the open, or risking the feeling of rejection. If it’s so challenging, why do we bother with communication, and why is communication important at all?

The answer is all in the data—surveys and research performed across the globe tell us that communication is absolutely critical when it comes time to strengthen a marriage, and lack of communication can lead to devastating relationship rifts and higher rates of divorce.

For example, a survey polling one hundred Mental Health Experts revealed that problems with communication were the most common problem leading to divorce, while the next most common cause was an inability to resolve disagreements (sounds like matters of miscommunication to us). Other studies that polled randomly selected couples discovered that these couples also cited a lack of communication as a primary cause of potential relationship breakdown.

The benefits of healthy communication.

On the flip side, those who say that communication is key to a good marriage aren’t wrong. While a lack of communication can lead to devastating effects and terminated marriages, positive communication yields a number of benefits including:

Opportunities to build trust.

Foundations for clarity in a variety of relationship matters.

The prevention of problems or disagreements.

Insight about how to fix a marriage that’s in trouble.

Lack of communication as a risky business.

We’ve already discussed how a lack of communication might endanger a marriage, but why? The fact is that, without communication, there is no way for partners to understand what the other is feeling. How can one partner make the other happy without knowing what is necessary to fulfill them?

It is this resulting emptiness and penchant for secrets that can lead to disaster down the road.

Improving communication and saving relationships.

Are communication difficulties getting in the way of your marriage? Don’t worry! Not all hope is lost. Learning to communicate more effectively is a completely attainable goal, particularly with the professional help of a Marriage Counselor. These Counselors are also available online for stress-free, cost-effective consultations. 

Speaking to an Online Marriage Counselor will help you learn how to communicate effectively, leading to better communication in marriage and stronger relationships.

If you prefer, you may even bring your partner or spouse along with you to online marriage counseling sessions! Sometimes, all you need to improve communication with your loved one is a knowledgeable and unbiased third party who can listen to you talk about marriage problems while providing guidance, affirmation, and direction toward resolution.

If this sounds like something that could benefit you and your spouse by helping you learn how to communicate better, sign up for your first online session today! Browse through our Online Marriage Counselors and message them for free.

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