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Sudeep Ghosh is a certified Career Coach by NCDA, US. He has worked with top corporates for 12 years. He helps Clients to prepare for job interviews, become better leaders, communicate effectively, and develop. Moreover, he helps Clients with finding peace of mind and with self-discipline. He accomplishes this through his motivational online coaching sessions and speaking. Let's get to know more about Sudeep:

WikiExpert: Among your many skills, one of your main areas is career coaching. Tell us how do you help people to find their passion and their perfect career?

Sudeep Ghosh: Career coaching is mainly focused on knowing and understanding the education system and how it contributes to mankind. In short, I would like to give a brief introduction that there was no education system in the world till the late nineteenth century. However, with the passing time, the industrial revolution took place and that resulted in the establishment of an education system that can develop skills to fulfill the needs of the industry.

But in the present world, when human beings have evolved with so many ideas and strategies which are not limited to fulfilling the needs of industries rather add more value in human lives, more profound gateways are open to pursue a passion and then to convert that passion into profession.

My methodology involves counseling the Clients to understand their personality aspects like their intellect level, their aptitude level, and their spirit of resilience and to make them aware about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to the career path they may be choosing either on their own or by getting influenced by their role models. 

WikiExpert: What advice would you give to someone who would like to change their careers?

Sudeep Ghosh: Before changing career, one should have complete clarity by following these basic steps: 

Research about the types of jobs that he thinks is most interesting. 

Identify which career path would choose him the best. 

List Key skills, knowledge and abilities he has to offer. 

Identify whether the new career path would contribute to enhancing his learning ability. 

In which manner the world around him will get impacted by changing careers.

Only after having complete clarity of thoughts and ideas, one should change career path. As “confidence without clarity is a disaster”.  

WikiExpert: What factors should people take into consideration when choosing a career?

Sudeep Ghosh: While choosing a career, consider these tips: 

Don’t make a decision on the basis of listening to others saying which career path is suitable for you; rather do complete research about that career. 

Don’t think that the career you choose will mainly impact your life. Focusing on your own strengths and challenges can figure out the best career path for you. 

Choosing a career because someone you admire in the career is devastating. Although role models in life are significant, it is not necessary to pursue the profession which your role models are doing. As the world, today is not like it was 10 years ago and it will not be either 10 years from now. 

Don’t select a career only on the basis of how much money you will make. Even though a car is more comfortable than a bicycle, it will not give you any pleasure if you spend 10 hours a day doing something you absolutely hate. 

If you are in high school, pick a combination of subjects which you find most interesting. 

Focus upon learning how to learn, staying mentally flexible and be willing to change and adapt as and when the situation demands.  

WikiExpert: You also help people to prepare for job interviews. What is your number one tip for this? And how do you help to prepare for this?

Sudeep Ghosh: The number one tip for job interview preparation is doing holistic research about the organization like understanding their values, their vision and mission and also doing self-introspection and finding out your own strengths, weaknesses and how you are suitable for the organization’s needs. This will help you to sustain your morale before, throughout and after the job interview. 

I suggest people gather more information about the organization by navigating their websites, social media pages, news and by other publications and then aligning their own skills with the organizational values, their vision and mission. 

WikiExpert: Tell us about what your typical online career coaching looks like; what do you cover in these?

Sudeep Ghosh: My online career coaching comprises of:

Taking and understanding the questions of my Client.

Helping my Client to identify his areas of strength and areas of improvement.

Doing complete research on the career path which suits my Clients’ personality.

Making my Clients aware of the opportunities and challenges related to that career. 

Making my Client aware of more ways of learning and preparing for a career path. 

WikiExpert: How can Clients benefit from online career coaching?

Sudeep Ghosh: 40 minutes of self-investment in career planning prevents 40 years of struggle. Clients get benefited from online career coaching by:

 Choosing the career path which will help in their self-development.

 Becoming more confident by having a personal development plan with them.

 Getting better results by SMARTER goal setting.

 Having more insights and options to grow horizontally in a career path.

WikiExpert: In addition to online career coaching, you also offer online life coaching. One of the things you mention is finding peace of mind. In your opinion, what causes an individual to lose their peace of mind and how do you help?

Sudeep Ghosh: There is a natural tendency that peace of mind of a human being gets lost only when: 

He is exposed to sudden loud sounds. 

Fear of falling from a height.




Except for these conditions, people use to tell that they lose peace of mind due to:

Financial problem.

Relationship problem.

Fear of the future.

Regret of the past.

Sudden death of a beloved.

Relocation to a new place.

My sessions are chiefly focused on helping people discover which condition is, in reality, contributing to losing peace of mind and which are a mere illusion of their own mind so that either they can take corrective actions or change their mindset to restore their peace of mind.

WikiExpert: You also encourage people to escape their comfort zones and exceed their limitations, which is great! Tell us why we should expand and leave what we know best and how do you help with "escaping the comfort zone"?

Sudeep Ghosh: The comfort zone gives a person a sense of security but that also restricts him to discover more possibilities if he stays in the same zone for a long time. He will not be able to grow, which is a basic necessity of a healthy human mind.

Comfort zones are a kind of cocoon that restricts a person to grab the opportunities which are available for him or actually are waiting for him.

There are two zones outside the comfort zone: one is the optimal performance zone which gives a measurable amount of stress and anxiety helpful for personal growth and one is the danger zone which can prove to be a disaster. 

That’s why before escaping a comfort zone; I suggest and help my Clients to prepare a personal development plan which aligns with their own strengths and steps for overcoming the weakness and threats.

WikiExpert: In your opinion and experience, what do you feel is the key to finding happiness?

Sudeep Ghosh: In my opinion and experience, there is no key to happiness; in fact, happiness is an inbuilt feature of a human being and is the key to their continuous growth. Happiness is the inbuilt feature of the human mind and it is evident by seeing children age 1 to 5 years old who are happy in any situation. They find happiness in broken toys, mud or a mere smile of someone. They find happiness in what they already have. And this is true for any children of this age group across the world, any geography, any culture or any ethnicity.

So the main point is when you are not happy with whatever you have, then you will not be happy even after getting whatever you want, which you get after doing struggle and losing your own happiness.

WikiExpert: You also help people to be better public speakers and how to communicate effectively. Tell us how does this help in our daily lives and how Clients can benefit from public speaking skills?

Sudeep Ghosh: Public speaking is a skill which people aren’t born with, it has to be learned, practiced and anyone can be good at public speaking with the passing time. This skill plays a crucial role in human life as at any point in our life, we need to draw attention to people towards a specific cause whether we are in a family, workplace or in general life. One should learn and practice these skills right from a younger age so that he can be able to articulate his words in such a way that it touches the people’s hearts and they could take an informed decision or action.

WikiExpert: So, you offer motivational sessions, tell us a little about these?

Sudeep Ghosh: ”Motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going.” It’s a natural tendency of a person that his morale collapses due to repeated failures in work, rejection, crisis and non-recognition at workplace. The main point is to keep up the self-esteem in any situation so that he can be more resilient.

Motivational sessions are basically understanding sessions in which a person has to understand the root cause of a failure, rejection, crisis or non-recognition at the workplace and then utilize the data which have been retrieved while finding the root cause for self-development to become a better person.  

WikiExpert: How would you encourage someone to keep going when they have given up and lost all hope in life?

Sudeep Ghosh: When someone has given up and lost all hope of life he must think, know and understand about the great people who were born in poverty, malnutrition, lack of basic education or dysfunctional families. How they changed the course of not only their own lives but of the world and set brilliant examples for mankind. I am talking about Sir Albert Einstein, Sir Thomas Alva Edison, Ludvig Van Beethoven, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Walt Disney, Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin and the list goes on and on.

Almost all of the problems which are being faced by a person right now have already been faced by these great people or they have faced even bigger problems. But eventually, if they can pull themselves out from worst situations then anyone can do that too!

WikiExpert: Sometime back you published an article over WikiExpert, Do you want to get rid of jealousy. Why is it important to let go of this? And how can it damage an individual's life?

Sudeep Ghosh: The feeling “Jealousy” of a person instigates him to pull down another person who is really doing a great job and it leads to focusing on the achievements and recognition of that person.

This mindset leads to lowering the learning ability which is essential for self-development and finding a sense of fulfillment.

If you do not want to lose your peace of mind and happiness, it will be beneficial to get inspired in the place of being jealous.

Now, let's get to know more about Sudeep:

WikiExpert: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Sudeep Ghosh: During my spare time, I read books; attend online trainings for my own learning, attend career conferences, working on how I can deliver my contents more effectively which is not restricted to in-person but more importantly online so that more value could be added to people’s lives and also I could learn better.

WikiExpert: If there was anything you could change about your life, what would it be?

Sudeep Ghosh: Actually change is the essence of life and before I could think about any change, it has already been changed, at first that change looked to be challenging but in reality that change really benefited me for my growth.

WikiExpert: What has been your biggest success to date?

Sudeep Ghosh: Overcoming my own depression.

Kick-off your career and get the peace of mind you deserve today. Message Sudeep Ghosh for free and book a session today!

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