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Are you a victim of silent treatment?

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Has silent treatment become the norm? Save your relationship now. 

At some point or another, we’ve likely all experienced some form of silent treatment. Maybe our partners have refused to speak to us during times of conflict, or maybe we’ve done the same to them. But what happens when the occasional bouts of silence turn into something more sinister?

What is silent treatment?

Common reasons for silent treatment

Sure, we hear the term tossed around frequently, but what exactly is the silent treatment? It’s much more than just being quiet.

The silent treatment is a cease of communication in which one party refuses to speak to the other, even when a discussion is desired. Some people utilize this behavior as a poor coping mechanism when they’re upset, but others willingly use the silent treatment as a method of abuse. For example, some might choose to use the silent treatment as a way to guilt an innocent party into apologizing.

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When the silent treatment becomes abuse.

Many of us don’t recognize how harmful it is to be a victim of silent treatment. In fact, research has shown that being ignored can be just as devastating as the experience of real, physical pain.

A further review of research investigating over 14,000 total individuals demonstrated that the silent treatment is “tremendously damaging” to relationships and that the pattern of silent treatment abuse can be very difficult to break.

With this in mind, it probably comes as no surprise that the silent treatment can become responsible for unresolved issues in a relationship. When someone ignores you and this bitterness is left to fester, relationships may be torn to shreds as couples are drawn apart with no communication to save them.

Finding a solution through online marriage counseling. 

We understand that breaking quiet streaks can be difficult, but we’re happy to share that there are online professionals who are ready and willing to help if you find yourself a victim of silent treatment abuse or if you think that the silent treatment is ruining your relationship.

An Online Marriage Counselor will be able to speak to both partners as a neutral third party, encouraging communication to resolve problems that have resulted from the silent treatment as well as the healthy resolution of future disagreements.

Booking an online couples counseling session can do wonders for both the silent party and the one being ignored. It only takes a moment to schedule your first meeting and see how discussing these issues with a professional can resolve relationship concerns and get a couple back on the right track. 

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