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Tony Fahkry is dedicated to helping people with achieving their goals and awakening their true potential and talents. He achieves this through his online coaching sessions, courses, writing, and speaking. He graduated with a B.A in fashion and worked in the fashion industry, before discovering his real passion for writing and speaking. He is also an author of three books that were endorsed by several leading authors. Tony has over 10 years of experience and has worked with people from different countries and cultures. Let's get to know more about Tony: 

WikiExpert: You believe that everyone has great potential and you try your best to help them to awaken this. How do you do this?

Tony Fahkry: There are various ways in which I help people to awaken their potential and it will depend on where they are in their journey. Generally, I approach this by writing articles and I have also written three earlier books and working on my fourth book. I have online courses available and run a successful coaching practice where I work with people one-on-one. Among this, I hold speaking engagements to corporate companies local and interstate.

WikiExpert: Some people only discover their talents and gifts at a later stage of their lives. What advice would you give them to help them realize their talents sooner?

Tony Fahkry: First, it doesn’t matter when a person discovers their talents and gifts, as long as they embark on the journey. My belief is that we need to take that first step, otherwise we will not move forward with purpose and intent. To answer the question, I often tell people to be attentive to the areas of their life where their passions lie. We must pursue activities that bring joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. These are often signposts leading to awakening something greater within us.

WikiExpert: You have graduated with a B.A. in Fashion but ended up becoming a writer, speaker, and a Coach. What brought you to this point? How did you realize your passion for the above?

Tony Fahkry: I spent many years working in the fashion industry since I come from a family where my father was a tailor and my mother was a dressmaker. I believed this was to be my career path and hence I gained a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion and was offered design roles in New York and Italy. However, became a point where I no longer enjoyed my career and I began to explore other avenues. As I ventured down this path, I realized writing and speaking was something I enjoyed because it allowed me to impact the lives of others.

WikiExpert: In your own words, please define success?

Tony Fahkry: There are many definitions of success these days but my definition of success is to be truly fulfilled and happy pursuing our purpose in life. It means to be free of the weight of the past and in tune with our true nature and core emotions, without being governed by fear, anger or hatred. Success means to be the person the universe intended you to be and sometimes that may require we take a journey into ourselves or make mistakes along the way. However, it is worth living our truth instead of living up to other people’s expectations of us.

WikiExpert: How do you help Clients to achieve success?

Tony Fahkry: I help Clients to achieve success by asking many questions. I try to get a sense of what is important to them and what they value most. Because what we value most is what we give our attention to and is likely to lead to success if we are purposeful and intentional about our lives. Sometimes, people say they want financial or material success yet according to their values, they want freedom and recognition. So, until we get clear on what we value and are willing to trade to achieve success, we will stay stuck and not move forward.

WikiExpert: Your online coaching sessions involve helping Clients to improve themselves, be more productive, and build successful habits. What type of strategies do you use during your online sessions to achieve this?

Tony Fahkry: Regarding building successful habits, I try to get a sense of how the individual spends their time daily. I find out more about their goals and achievements and ask specific questions related to when they want to achieve these outcomes. Together, we plan a strategy to work towards these goals and break it down into actions they follow on a weekly basis. I help them develop an empowering mindset or as Carol Dweck says, a Growth Mindset, so they see problems as opportunities.

WikiExpert: Among your many motivational and helpful articles that you published on WikiExpert, there was one that was particularly really enjoyed by readers: Stop Wishing For A Better Life And Embrace The One You Have Now. Everyone wishes for a better life and most even work toward it. In your opinion, why should we embrace what we have rather than wish or chase a better life?

Tony Fahkry: The premise of the article is based on the assumption that many people wish life to be different from what it is. Yet, it isn’t the external appearance of our life that matters, as much as the mindset required. It was Albert Einstein who said: “You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it in the first instance.” He was saying that the same mind that creates our problems is not the same mind that solves them. Therefore, we must create a new consciousness or a paradigm shift to chase a better life. This starts by accepting where we are now and this doesn’t mean we have to like it but accept it as the starting point to a better future.

WikiExpert: How do you help your Clients with breaking their bad habits and replacing them with positive ones?

Tony Fahkry: The first thing I do is work on their mindset and establish what Simon Sinek calls our, WHY. When the client has a deeper understanding of their purpose or intrinsic/extrinsic motivation, they will apply themselves to break their bad habits. If we don’t work at the level of the mind, it is like leading a horse to water and assuming it will drink it. We must find a powerful motivation for why the client wants to break their bad habits, to replace them with positive ones. Once this is complete, the next area is mapping a strategy to achieve this. Despite that people say it takes 21 days to create a new habit, research shows it is 90 days to cement the new habit. So, I work on this premise and map out a schedule to help them stick to their new habit.

WikiExpert: How do our behavior and thoughts define who we are?

Tony Fahkry: Our behavior and thoughts define who we are because they are the backbone upon which our character is formed. What we do repeatedly becomes the bedrock of our existence. If we apply ourselves half-heartedly to a task or goal, we are embedding these habits into our psyche which results as uninspired action. I often tell people, how you apply yourself to the smallest task determines how you approach bigger goals. So, start small.

WikiExpert: How do you help your Clients with overcoming their fears and anything that's holding them back from succeeding in life?

Tony Fahkry: The key to helping clients overcome their fears and whatever is holding them back begins with awareness. We must know what is holding us back and regrettably many people don’t know this. It is my experience that disempowering thoughts and limiting beliefs hold us back from living our highest purpose. Once they know their limiting behaviors, I use various strategies to help them shift their mindset from disempowering to an empowering mind. Some tools may require journaling and meditation, but ultimately it is tailor-made to the individual and requires them to take the journey into themselves to better know who they are.

WikiExpert: You also offer Mind Body Training in your online sessions, how does this work? How can Clients benefit from this?

Tony Fahkry: Mind body training is a way to integrate our thoughts with our bodies. Candace Pert once said: “The body is the subconscious mind” and most times past trauma is held within the body. In my coaching sessions, I help people learn about developing a better relationship with their body such as where they hold tension, grief, fear or anger and heal these emotions. We cannot expect to move towards a prosperous future when we are carrying the weight of the past. We must make peace and transform the past by adding context and meaning the events, to create a prosperous future 

WikiExpert: So, you have written and published three books, which is great. Congratulations! Please enlighten us about these books and what can be learned from them?

Tony Fahkry: Thank you! The first book is based on 10 years of work with individual Clients. It is my observation, there are no accidents in life and we have more power than we realize. The first book later became a successful coaching program called Navigate Life which I still use and also a training program. The second book is about reclaiming the past by changing our relationship to what happened. Many people talk about wanting to change the circumstances of their life, yet they carry unresolved wounds from the past. This book shows them how to heal and transform those wounds to move forward. The third book is about awakening our authentic self and better understanding who we are, to live a fulfilling and prosperous life. When we awaken our authentic self, we align with purpose and life becomes more fulfilling.

Now, let's get to know more about Tony:

WikiExpert: When you're not coaching, speaking or writing, where can we find you? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Tony Fahkry: My passions are reading, swimming and spending time with my young nephews and niece. I don’t have elaborate hobbies or creative pursuits such as drawing or visiting the opera or museum. I did that in my previous life when I was working in the fashion industry. These days, I prefer to lead a simple life and sometimes that involves taking a walk in nature where I receive much of my inspiration for my writing.

WikiExpert: What has been your biggest success to date?

Tony Fahkry: I would say my biggest success so far is publishing three books but also includes people write to me to tell me how my books or articles changed their life. I am still overwhelmed when I receive these emails because it inspires me to dig deeper into myself to bring that wisdom to others.

WikiExpert: If there was anything you could change in your life, what would it be?

Tony Fahkry: I would like to do more activities that take me out of my comfort zone regularly. Sometimes, we become accustomed to habits and routines and we miss out on the spontaneity of life. It is a balancing act between upholding good discipline and spontaneity that I would like to focus on more.

WikiExpert: What are your goals both personally and professionally?

Tony Fahkry: My goals personally and professionally is to continue writing and publishing books that reach a greater audience. I see my books reaching millions of people in the upcoming future and establishing training programs to present around the world. I feel I am only starting out on my journey, although I’ve been doing this now for approximately 10 years. There is so much I feel needs to be done over the coming years to reach my potential.

Discover your talents, gifts and awaken your true potential. Message Tony Fahkry for free and book a session with him today!

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