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As e-commerce sales skyrocket worldwide, more and more entrepreneurs are eager to start an online business of their own. It’s easy to see why, particularly when we utilize online shopping, services, and entertainment more than ever before.

Online shopping (even from small online businesses) is becoming an increasingly important part of global commerce with each passing year. The 2019 Global e-commerce Forecast from eMarketer suggests that online sales will comprise a whopping one-fifth of all retail revenue by 2022.

It’s no surprise that online businesses are popping up left and right to take advantage of this impressive trend!

What online businesses look like.

There’s no need to look far. A quick internet search can give us a multitude of online business ideas for the eager, soon-to-be business owner. Just take stock of what’s already out there! Online business owners may:

Sell products they’ve created themselves (either digital or physical).

Curate products made by business partners to sell from a single location.

Develop mobile applications.

Offer services such as consulting, writing, editing, graphic design, teaching, music creation, and more.

Start a blog and take advantage of affiliate marketing.

The possibilities are endless!

Advantages of an online business.

Not only are online business ideas abundant but there are also numerous advantages associated with online businesses. For example, an online business:

It requires less upfront capital to start than a physical business.

You can manage it from anywhere in the world and at your own hours.

It can be largely automated, requiring fewer employees.

May offer a means of employment when not otherwise possible.

For these reasons and more, the idea of starting and managing an online business is an extremely attractive prospect for many.

Making it happen.

If you’re ready to make your idea a reality and jumpstart your own business venture, talk to a Business Coach who can teach you how to start an online business, guide you through the start-up process, plan your initial budget, prepare financially for the future, and grow your business from nailing your very first Client to bringing in new customers each day.

Better yet, your Business Coach can be online, too—online business coaching sessions make every aspect of running your online business a breeze because you can do it from your own home office or anywhere else! So, schedule your first session with an Online Business Coach today, and find out just how to turn your entrepreneurial ideas into the best online business ever. Browse through our list of Online Business Coaches now and message them for free.

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