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Struggling with fractions?

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Plenty of students feel confident when adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers into their math classes, but fractions are where they draw the line.

When it comes to fractions, students are forced for the first time to think more abstractly about the way they calculate problems, and the frustration leads many to dread their math classes and homework.

Not to fear! Here are a few suggestions about how students can learn to master fractions without the resentment that comes with a lack of understanding.

Make it visual.

Because fractions require more abstract thought than working with integers, learning how to multiply fractions or otherwise process these parts of a whole can be a difficult and unfamiliar process. Students shouldn’t feel bad about taking the time to draw out visual representations of fractions as they’re multiplying fractions, dividing fractions, adding fractions, and subtracting fractions.

This visual assistance will help their brains to process concepts more naturally.

Use real-world context.

Sometimes, all students need to make a concept click is a real-life application. Changing the context of fractions can help students to reassess their understanding of the concept and reapply that understanding to problems in the classroom.

Practice, practice, practice.

While it may be difficult at first, students will find success when applying their knowledge to problems on a regular basis. As they train their brains to more efficiently process fractions and determine equivalent fractions, simplifying problems will become a breeze. The key here is patience and persistence. Soon enough, a fraction calculator won’t be necessary!

Partner with an Online Math Tutor.

Online math tutoring is one of the best ways for students to master fractions. By offering individualized attention to struggling students, Math Tutors can quickly identify roadblocks that are preventing students from success, then help them to overcome these obstacles and understand fractions in a way that makes sense. What better way to learn than with a teaching Expert in the comfort of your own home?

Sometimes, all young math students need is a bit of extra help outside the classroom, and math tutoring is the way to go! Not only is learning online convenient for both students and their parents, but our selection of Online Math Tutors is vast enough for any student to find a Tutor who meshes well with their learning style and personal goals.

Browse through our Online Math Tutors and book a session today to master fractions to elevate academic performance! Message an Expert for free to discuss your next session.

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