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Have you ever wondered how to buy a business but have found yourself intimidated by the idea of starting your own small business? You’re not alone!

There is good news, too—it's possible to live the dream of owning and operating a small business without taking the risk associated with start-ups.

The secret lies in franchising.

Pros of Buying a Franchise Business.

Buying a franchise has an impressive set of advantages, such as:

The opportunity to learn from established business operators and improve your personal management style.

A lower risk of losing investments.

More resources available from an already successful business network.

Direct support from your franchisor.

Franchise Businesses vs. Other Businesses.

Buying a franchise is wildly different from investing money at the start of your own small business. Instead of founding a start-up business (many of which fail within their first year of operation), buying franchise yields the same independence and satisfaction of being a small business owner while also offering the support of a larger business framework.

Franchise businesses are usually more successful than start-ups, and due to the well-established nature of a bigger business, it may even cost less to purchase a franchise than to start your own small business.

However, franchise owners should be aware that they will have less control over their franchise business than if they were to begin their own small business. After all, franchise owners are still subject to the bigger picture regulations and policies of the business itself.

Taking Action.

Ready to move forward and buy a business? Take the first step by hiring an Online Business Coach to discuss with you the pros and cons of buying a business and, more particularly, buying a business that is already established (like a franchise business).

While there’s no shortage of information available online about why and how to buy a franchise, working with an Online Business Coach will save you time and, in the long run, money. Instead of wondering whether or not the advice you’re reading on the internet is appropriate for your own needs, consult an Expert who knows exactly what they’re talking about!

Online business coaching means specialized, individual attention to your situation, questions, concerns, and goals, so don’t wait to contact an Expert Business Coach today! One of the Coaches registered with our network can guide you through the process of choosing a franchise to purchase, buying an established business, and then running the business like a pro. Browse through our list of Online Business Coaches now, message for free and book a session!

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