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Dr. Jenine Marie Howry is a Ph.D., Doctor of Spiritual Counseling and Practical Life Coach. She wears many hats and is also a Metaphysical Practitioner, Reiki Master Healer/ Instructor and instructor of meditative practices. She is a Member of American Metaphysical Doctors Association and a published author in the “Journal of Metaphysical Thought”. Her methods include meditative instruction, guidance through hypnosis, transpersonal psychology in counseling, and dream interpretation. Let's get to know more about Jenine: 

WikiExpert: What inspired you to become a Spiritual Counselor, Psychologist, and a Life Coach?

Jenine Howry: My inspiration came out of my own personal needs along my life journey... We all go through processes of learning while enduring life's difficulties and trials. I believe there are two types of education. One is the formal kind where we achieve knowledge through schools and universities. The other is life experience education. In my world, all of life is a learning experience and my primary purpose here on earth is to grow in knowledge, compassion and learn from my experiences. With that said, my heart grew in compassion through many difficult roads. Nothing is ever wasted in life. As I came through my own trials I discovered my own personal key to health and well being is to help and teach others the same. Giving my best to my Clients inspires me the most and having the ability to speak from both education and life experience is a huge plus.  

WikiExpert: What is the most rewarding part of your career?

Jenine Howry: The most rewarding part of my career is knowing I make a difference in this world, even if it is one person at a time. In a world where so many pounds one another down, I love being someone who lifts others instead. When I see my Clients overcome obstacles, lift up to the next level of understanding or experience, or heal from inner wounds setting them free, its a gift to me as much as to my Clients.  

WikiExpert: What is the most challenging and the most difficult part of your career and how do you deal with it?

Jenine Howry: Every Counselor, Coach and healer feels a great responsibility to make sure the Client/patient receives what they need and come out of sessions better than when they entered. I feel those who are called to help change and heal others often carry the burden of feeling inadequate to some degree. Often Clients have one session and feel they should be healed, helped, or made whole, etc. Every Client must come to understand patience with themselves and with me as the one who gives them guidance. It takes a long time to get into the condition they are in. It certainly will take more than one session to achieve the goals they are seeking. Any type of counseling, coaching, or healing process is just that; a process. One of my first goals is to teach my Clients that #1 they are the ultimate healer and healing depends on their deep desire and patience to work toward that goal. #2 Life change or transition is also a process and that can not be accomplished with only one or a few sessions. Good counseling is patience, dedication, and establishing a good working relationship and understanding the process. Bottom line, you want the gain, you have to desire it enough to do the work. 

WikiExpert: In your opinion, what is a common problem that most people are facing in today's times?

Jenine Howry: My biggest request is relief from anxiety, stress, and depression. We live in a hard world to cope with sometimes. We all also carry issues from the past that have programmed us to respond in certain ways to life's current experiences. This is why it is so important to change or reprogram the mind. We get into automatic responses and often we don't even know why we respond or feel the anxiety we do. Another close second is relationship issues. Our lives are about relationship and learning from them. Relationships are holy ground. Many don't know how to handle or even choose the right ones for themselves.  

WikiExpert: You offer a variety of online services, can you tell us a little about the types of services you cover in your sessions?

Jenine Howry: What I use in sessions can depend on what the circumstances are. If someone is attempting to meet a life goal my technique will mostly help draft out a plan to accomplish it and help my Client be accountable for making changes. I become a day planner and cheerleader in that case. For others who have deeper issues that have emotional backgrounds or scars, my techniques are usually combined with talk sessions, Reiki and breathwork, balancing of the energy centers, meditative practices, guided visualization and often hypnotherapy. My sessions are designed and geared toward my Client. After the initial intake interview, I create a plan of action that will take my client on a road to recovery of themselves; that will guide them to how they truly desire to be and the way they want their lives to be. Success, of course, depends on the Client themselves. I believe my Client relationship establishes its own flow as we bond for a moment in time to achieve what they come to me for. Often more comes out than they expect and we alter our plan accordingly. The most important thing I always want my Clients to understand is they receive only what they are comfortable with and nothing is ever pushed upon them. They will be guided but the ultimate treatment choices will always be theirs. I tend to be very intuitive and discerning in whatever guidance I give. 

WikiExpert: Tell us a little about online reiki sessions, how do they work?

Jenine Howry: Reiki, I believe, is not only a gift of healing but a gift of compassion and love. Energy work can be accomplished in person and online via video chat. When I provide Reiki healing, I teach Reiki as well. I walk my Clients through techniques to feel and sense energy and educate them about our energy fields around us and within the body. I include walking them through balancing their energy centers (chakras) with guided visualization and breathwork. Often I can "see" where they are out of balance and we will end up talking about those things during the session or the next one. Reiki is effective for healing mind, body and spirit. Often those who come to me for Reiki healing eventually become Reiki Masters themselves. I provide attunement, teaching, and certification for those who desire to become a Reiki Master Healer. I am a member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners. 

WikiExpert: How do online hypnotherapy sessions work? What do you cover in these sessions and how can they benefit Clients?

Jenine Howry: Although I prefer to provide hypnotherapy in person, I do have some adapted ways of providing online hypnotherapy assistance. The first session is always at least two hours with education about hypnotherapy; what it is and what it is not. This is accomplished within the first hour. The second hour we get into the reason hypnotherapy is needed. I combine some questions and answers with a meditative practice to get a clear indication as to what to focus upon for hypno sessions. Both meditative practices and hypnosis are heightened states of awareness. Where meditation can reveal the root of the issues or desires for change, hypnosis can help create that change by reprogramming the unconscious mind. I take the information gleaned from my Client and create their own personally designed hypnotherapy audio recording to listen to every night before sleep or during the day or morning. We meet each week to discuss progress and see if there are any changes to be made in the hypnosis program to get the results desired. I always have my Clients journal when they do their sessions, any new changes they sense, and we go over those specific details. Hypnosis is a very fast and effective way to make clear changes and reprogram the unconscious mind. Hypnosis is effective for changing habits, quitting addictions, weight loss, creating a positive mindset, and more!

WikiExpert: What was the biggest lesson you learned during your career?

Jenine Howry: I think the hardest lesson I have had to learn is that I am not all-seeing, all-knowing, nor am I perfect. The best results come when Clients are dedicated, patient, and determined to reach their personal goals. I am not here to "fix" people but to facilitate them in discovering their own issues and guiding them toward fixing/healing themselves.  

WikiExpert: You have published many interesting articles over WikiExpert, which is great! Thank you for this. In one particular article, you speak about a solution to a better life. Which is something we all want. What solutions do you offer to Clients to achieve this and how do you help them?

Jenine Howry: First of all, Clients need to decide what they really truly want. Strangely, many people either don't know or think they know and discover they truly want something else. Another is to decide what type of person they want to be. This means taking a moral inventory of what goes on from the inside out and decide what stays and what has to go! Another thing I mention in my article is "garbage in, garbage out". We have to decide what things we want to take into our minds and lives. Then create good boundaries in order to keep things in alignment. The way I can help is to facilitate a compassionate, safe and guided place in order to process these details and then use some of the techniques I have available in order to assist in achieving a happier and more productive life. Accountability is very important. Someone is much more apt to be successful in anything they decide to accomplish if they are held accountable for taking new actions to achieve them. Also, understanding the principles of Universal Law and how they work to support lasting change when they are known and understood. I can help by teaching these things and more! 

WikiExpert: A lot of Clients who are suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression come to you. What is your first approach to helping them?

Jenine Howry: Most anxiety, stress, and especially depression come from unexpressed issues from within the individual. My first approach is to get to understand the dynamics surrounding their symptoms. So, we talk and I ask a lot of questions. In order to come up with a plan, I need to understand the surrounding issues both outside circumstances and inner ones.  

WikiExpert: In severe cases, where trauma and emotional scars run deep, how do you approach this type of situation?

Jenine Howry: Quite often during the course of uncovering issues that have been stored as soul scars, or those that are revealed from the unconscious mind, some very deep and difficult emotional traumas can be revealed. My first action is to calm and bring ease to my Client. Having issues suddenly become revealed can bring about a highly unanticipated response. Then I assess if the issue is within the scope of my expertise. Depending on what it is I could be able to come up with a plan to overcome and heal the issue. If it is something that is outside of my scope of expertise or I feel its better dealt with in person, I might refer them to a Therapist that deals with that particular trauma. Although I am educated as a Clinical Psychologist I do not operate as one. It is not unusual for me to work alongside a Clinical Therapist to reach a common goal or a psychiatric professional if it is determined that my Client needs medication support through the issues at hand. 

WikiExpert: When someone needs to heal from trauma or any type of negative event that occurred in their life, what is the first thing they should do?

Jenine Howry: Reach out to a professional! Family members and friends are great support but a professional who can be objective and has the ability to help deal with issues in a non-emotional way is very important. Often individuals have an element of fear regarding reaching out to a stranger for assistance. Many have never had counseling or life coaching. It has been my experience that after the first session an element of comfort begins to be established and then a Client/Counselor working relationship. Support for any traumatic event is essential. No one needs to deal with anything alone and should not.  

WikiExpert: You also offer dream interpretation, how does this help and what sort of meaning do our dreams play in our daily lives?

Jenine Howry: Dream interpretation can be a very useful key to unlocking what is hidden within the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind stores a massive amount of information from birth onward. It is also a very effective connection to spiritual insights that normally not would have been discovered. Many Clients have profound spiritual dreams that can bring a great deal of spiritual awareness into their lives that can prove to be very helpful in every facet of life. Other dreams can uncover frustrations, past experiences long forgotten, or issues that the Client has not been consciously aware of. Once things are revealed, we are halfway there to healing it or sometimes all the way there. Dreams can reveal very profound things about ourselves as people. Without tapping into the unconscious mind we walk blindly to many things, unable to facilitate changes. In that case, the unconscious mind is driving our lives. A life that is in control is one that is lived consciously and in the now moment, not in the past or through the filters of trauma or bad experiences. 

Now, let's get to know more about Jenine:

WikiExpert: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Where can we find you?

Jenine Howry: I love spending time working on creative things such as designing or sewing things I can use or sometimes sell. I love reading about interesting subjects and planning on where I would love to travel someday. Of course, I am always educating myself. I believe a mind needs stimulation in order to feel alive. Education is never wasted! I also have my family who live in another state. I love to connect with them and see what new things are in their lives.  

WikiExpert: In your opinion, what has been your biggest success/achievement to date?

Jenine Howry: My most honored success is birthing and raising five children. They are adults now and I am very proud of them! My firstborn son passed away while serving our country. It has been a hard loss but one that set my life into a different phase of learning. Shortly after his passing I created The Lilac Center for Healing and Enlightenment in California for the purpose of healing and educating Clients (basically what I still provide now). I no longer live in that state, so it has been closed now but I do hope to revisit creating a new clinic someday soon. 

WikiExpert: Do you have any plans for the future professionally and personally?

Jenine Howry: Professionally I would love to create a healing center and clinic as well as continue online sessions. It’s a life goal that I have been educated for many years to provide. Doing so adds to the value of my own life. It is always an honor to assist others in finding their true selves, healing their wounds, discovering new spiritual insights and learning new skills.  Personally, I would love to travel more. There are so many great places with a rich history to see in the United States and overseas. I would love to explore new areas and see what I have only read about so far! 

WikiExpert: If there was anything you could change about the world, what would it be?

Jenine Howry: I would love people to understand our "oneness" and just how connected we really are. This comes with learning that we project who we are to the world every single day. I would love every being to learn to project more compassion, understanding and higher love for one another. First, they must do this for themselves. We can never give out of what we don't already have. I'd like to see us all healing each other. Our world needs this!  

WikiExpert: Describe yourself in 3 words?

Jenine Howry: Compassionate, Curious. Determined  

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