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Want to improve your study skills and your grades?

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If you want to get better grades, you need to get a better grasp of the content your Teachers or professors are teaching. In order to do so, you need to rework your entire approach to academics. 

The chief among them is making sure that you are learning how to study properly. 

So, what's the best way to study?

The best way to study is ensuring that you get the basics right and then improve on those basics to become even more efficient in your studies. Below we highlight a few tried and tested studying tips that’ll help you in getting the most out of your sessions in the books.


The effective study begins with how you take notes. Although there are many methods of note-taking, it is important to learn what works best for you. For instance, you might find that you learn more effectively by drawing illustrations about concepts being taught. Or perhaps your preferred method may be through shorthand and writing down key vocabulary. 

What’s most important is that you develop an experiment with different systems, especially early onto a semester. It sounds like counterintuitive advice, but it’s worthwhile having a few confusing notes early on to help you find the best one.

Revise your notes after class.

Going through your notes after class to see if you missed something is a crucial part of effective learning. This study tip helps you peruse through your notes while the lecture is still fresh in your mind. If there are any corrections or changes to be made, this is an ideal time to get it done. It’ll also help improve recall when studying for exams because you've revised it twice so it’ll be fresh in your mind.

Learn the right way of memorization.

Active memorization ensures high retention of the material being studied. Active memorization means that as you study, you also engage the other senses in your body as well. You can use association; this is where you logically connect what you are learning to something personally important to you. 

Also, use sounds. For example, saying a hard to pronounce vocabulary out loud will help you remember the word better. Visualization is also very powerful when studying so trying to see or visualize some of the concepts that you are studying will help recall information when you need to. 

Engaging an Online Tutor to help you improve your study skills is an excellent idea - sometimes the best approach is to get a second opinion on your process. Good online tutoring is a useful resource in finding out what study methods and study strategies you should employ to optimize your academic performance. Browse through our list of Online Tutors now and book a session.

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