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Learn how to be more productive.

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There are few things more coveted than the ability to be more productive. Many of us wish that there were additional hours in a day, that we could accomplish more at work, and that we could function at maximum efficiency in order to achieve our goals more quickly and bank more free time to boot!

However, the idea of becoming more productive can seem like an unattainable dream, which is why we’re delighted to share with you how to be productive with only a few simple productivity tips.

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Make a to-do list.

Every great productivity plan begins with a thorough and organized to-do list. Try separating your tasks into different categories—small chores, medium-sized tasks, and long-term goals, for instance. Within each section, list your to-do in order of priority. To-do lists like these will help you to stay on track and not forget a thing. Plus, what’s more, satisfying than marking off a completed task?

Be friends with technology.

These days, there’s no limit to the ways that technology can help us to live our lives more productively. Experiment with digital calendars, productivity apps, time tracking software, and collaborative online tools to streamline the way you complete tasks at work and at home.

Track your time.

In addition to having a to-do list, you should try and set a routine for yourself and create a timetable. Try to keep track of everything you do and stick to your routine. Also, ensure that you give yourself a break in between to prevent mental exhaustion.

Find an accountability partner.

Sometimes, we can best learn how to be motivated by asking others for help. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or co-worker, tell someone else about your task list and goals. Then, ask them to keep you on track if they notice that you’re slacking off.

Similarly, consider working with an Online Life Coach—one of the best accountability partners you could ask for! Online life coaching can help those who struggle with productivity to identify what’s holding them back and, more importantly, how to make actionable changes by organizing, planning, and better managing their time.

Tackle the first thing on your to-do list by taking the initiative to schedule a meeting with an Online Life Coach. What better way to stop procrastinating and kick your productivity into high gear? 

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