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There are few questions more intimidating than, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” and “What career is right for me?” Unfortunately, answering this complex question can have a dramatic effect on lifelong happiness and job success.

Both students and adults—yes, you can still question your career direction even when you’re grown up—can benefit from truly analyzing themselves and their futures. Below, we’ve gathered a few tricks to lead you in the right direction as you begin considering this momentous decision.

Consult an Online Life Coach

Online life coaching sessions maybe some of the most helpful you’ll ever have while you’re deciding which career is perfect for you. Life Coaches are trained in the art of guiding their Clients through big decisions. They’ll help you form lists of pros and cons and an appropriate list of careers while examining what you really want in life and, most importantly, how to obtain it.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

We totally understand that self-analysis is hard, but it’s an essential part of the process when you’re searching for the best career path to follow. For example, you may want to avoid high-stress career choices if you’re an anxious person, and pursuing sales won’t be the best for someone who is shy.

Take a career test

Sure, tests don’t dictate everything, and they can’t be right all the time. However, taking a career test can be a great starting point for those who truly have no idea where to begin, or it may help others narrow down their long list of interests. These tests, many of which are available online, will present you with a series of questions to answer honestly. Then, the test will suggest some careers which could be a good fit.

Apply for internships

Working as a paid or unpaid intern may be one of the best ways to determine whether or not a career is for you because you’ll be able to gain real-life work experience while establishing some professional connections, too. Even if you don’t settle into the career field of your internship, the experience can serve as a hefty positive on your resume.

In the end, don’t be ashamed to change your mind or switch directions altogether. This is a perfectly normal part of the decision-making process, and it’s often a sign that you’ve learned more about yourself and your needs.

That’s a good thing!

As you consider ideas and inevitably evolve your thought processes, do so with an Online Life Coach. Sign up today to experience both convenient and effective mentoring, perfect for those still struggling with how to choose a career and how to find a job. Browse through our list of Online Life Coaches now and book a session.

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