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The World Health Organization states that work can have a positive effect on one’s mental health. This makes sense, given that many individuals find their careers fulfilling, that the workplace offers a social environment and that careers often encourage daily routines and healthy organization.

However, the WHO also warns that a negative working environment can be equally responsible for both physical and mental health problems.

Burnout, in particular, is on the rise—the world is no stranger to stress and the negative effects it can have on health. How, then, do we strike a balance between our careers and our home lives to achieve a balanced life with the best of both work and play?

Categorize your life

Without setting boundaries to keep work and pleasure separate, you may find yourself quickly spiraling into situations where home becomes little more than a second office. When it is time to work, designate a space for work and work only. If you don’t have a physical place of employment, create an office space for yourself.

Once you leave that space, call it quits. Whatever you do, don’t bring your work email to the dinner table and disrupt your life balance.

Schedule free time

It may sound counterintuitive, but we believe strongly in putting some free time on your schedule! Whether you block it out in your planner or set a reminder on your phone, including time dedicated to your life and home. Schedule time with family and friends, put your favorite hobbies on the calendar and stick to these plans as rigidly as you would attend a scheduled meeting at work.

Be confident in saying “no”

There will always be moments when your career threatens to burst that bubble of personal time you’ve carved out for yourself. Perhaps your boss calls and wants you to take an extra shift, or maybe a client wants to reschedule a meeting or, worse, add something else to your monstrous workload.

It’s okay to say “no” in situations like these in order to protect your personal time.

Speak to an Online Life Coach

Despite your best efforts, you may find it difficult to achieve the work-life balance you’re striving for. That’s when it’s time to ask for help! Working with a Life Coach will allow you to find a balance between your career and the rest of your life while building skills such as time management and positive mental health practices.

To get a head start in achieving a healthy work-life balance, sign up for an online life coaching session today and speak to a Coach about finding happiness and balance. Browse through our list of Online Life Coaches now and book a session.

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