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With an abundance of Online Tutors available for hire, some parents may find themselves overwhelmed with the task of finding the best Tutor for their child. How can you know which Tutors truly stand head and shoulders above the rest?

We understand that it can be difficult to evaluate a new Tutor, so we’ve compiled a list of characteristics that point to quality.


A good Tutor won’t seem disgruntled by repeated questions, and they’ll be willing to explain the same concept in different ways. Persistence and a genuine dedication to your child’s success, no matter the time and effort required to achieve it, are perhaps some of the most telling qualities of the best Online Tutors available.


Tutors of the highest caliber will have a passion for learning that your child will find contagious. Whereas a dull Tutor will do nothing to encourage your child’s love for knowledge, an enthusiastic Tutor can play a huge part in building your child’s confidence and curiosity. This newfound love for learning will find its way to the classroom, too.


Online Tutors are human, too, which means that they can’t know everything. A good Tutor will admit to gaps in their knowledge instead of leading your child astray when they lack certainty about a topic. Not only will the best Tutors have no problem admitting that they don’t know an answer, but they will demonstrate a willingness to do their own research and return with a solution.


Tutors (particularly Online Tutors) must be capable of quick adaptation both during and between tutoring sessions. You’ll know that your child is learning with a superb Tutor when the Tutor can quickly adjust their teaching to your child’s needs while also working easily with a demanding schedule.


After even a single tutoring session, an Online Tutor can learn a lot about the learning style, strengths, and weaknesses that your child is bringing to the table. By communicating these findings back to you and your child, an effective Tutor can be an invaluable tool for discovering your child’s weaknesses and how to overcome them.

While the above qualities of a good Tutor can act as a useful guide for determining whether or not you’re working with the right person, we’d like to offer one more piece of advice above all: trust your instincts.

Even the best of Online Tutors may not mesh well with every child. If something seems off, continue your search for a new Tutor whose teaching style and personality truly click with your child’s needs.

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