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Don't let the tax season stress you out.

Let us help you with filing your taxes online making it stress-free.


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For most of us, tax season is our least favorite time of year and filing taxes is one of our most dreaded activities. Each year the tax deadline approaches, and each year many of us wait until the last minute to begin. These looming deadlines can certainly become even more stressful if you don’t know how to file your own taxes!

Thankfully, a number of services exist so that you can file taxes online. This makes things easier, but it’s not automatic—that’s why we’re here to teach you how to file taxes online.

Get your paperwork ready

First, ensure that you have all the paperwork you’ll need. Gather information about each of your bank accounts (including bank statements or receipts) and check that your employers have provided you with the proper forms you’ll need to begin.

If you’re self-employed, gather all records documenting incoming and outgoing expenses from your business for the past year.

Choose a tax filing service

Decide how and where to file your taxes. Choosing to forego paper forms for digital filing is only the first step—next, take some time to compare your options and choose a tax filing service that’s right for you. Both the US and UK have a number of these services available. Some are free, while others contain tiered, paid plans.

Double-check your information

Enter your information. Double-check everything for misspellings and basic calculation errors, then troubleshoot any issues which may arise. Because filing taxes is a complicated process, it’s not unusual that you’ll run into trouble. If this is the case, inquire with the IRS if you live in the United States or HMRC if you’re filing taxes in the United Kingdom.

Make the payment

Pay your taxes if necessary. If you owe money, you may choose to pay with a credit or debit card, a check, or via direct transfer.

File your taxes online

Online services may make it easier to file taxes online, but we still recommend seeking the expert advice of an Online Legal Advisor to ensure that you’ve completed all forms correctly and paid the necessary amounts owed. These trained Professionals have all the answers for your complex questions, and they can guide someone with even the most complicated financial portfolio.

Not sure where to start when seeking online legal advice? We’ve got you covered with our network of friendly and helpful professionals who can address your concerns, answer your questions, and guide you through the complicated tax filing process with ease. 

These Tax Attorneys and Legal Advisors know exactly how to file taxes, so stop dreading tax season and schedule a session with an Online Attorney or today.

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Don't let the tax season stress you out.

Let us help you with filing your taxes online making it stress-free.

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