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There are affordable ways to market your business!

See what they are and how you can use them.

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With so many businesses waging war each day for consumers’ attention, it’s no wonder that marketing strategies have become a must! 

In fact, business owners who set clear marketing goals are 429% more likely to find success.

While some businesses choose to invest heavily in advertising, marketing doesn’t have to be at the top of your business’ expenses. By returning to the basics of networking and digital marketing, you can lead an effective marketing campaign without draining your company budget.

We recommend getting started by marketing your business with the following five strategies. 

Stay active on social media 

Thankfully, it’s not difficult to set up a few social media profiles. The best part? Creating social media accounts for your business is completely free, and your marketing reach will be broadened instantly as you gain access to 3.2 billion daily social media users across the planet.

Work with an Online Business Coach 

Consultations with an Online Business Coach are an incredibly affordable and effective way to jumpstart your business marketing ideas and maintain your company’s momentum. A Business Coach can help you establish effective marketing strategies within your budget while identifying the opportunities which will bring the most success to your brand.

Nurture your website with relevant content 

According to the Content Marketing Institute, small businesses who utilize blogs see 126% more growth in leads than other businesses. Post quality content on a regular basis, then watch your audience expand!

Never underestimate the power of networking 

Use existing relationships to your advantage and don’t spend a dime. Successful businesses thrive on a foundation of solid relationships, which can begin from speaking to your friends and family. Always be ready to talk about your business and why it’s great—if you really want to go the extra mile, invest a small amount in printing some business cards to have on hand.

Participate in community events 

While digital marketing strategies are incredibly helpful for new and established businesses alike, don’t forget the impact of your physical presence, too! Often, local events welcome businesses to attend. Take advantage of these opportunities to show your company’s face and establish meaningful contact with potential Clients.

No matter which marketing techniques you utilize, consistency is key if you want to make a lasting impact and see your business succeed. After all, consistent branding presentation increases company revenue by an average of 23%! Get started by scheduling your first online business coaching session, then work with an expert to brainstorm how to market your business on a budget and keep your brand reliable and consistent. Browse through our list of Online Business Coaches now.

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