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Is it love or infatuation?

It's time to understand the difference. An Online Life Coach can help, message one for free today.

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The many facets of attraction are just as plentiful as the types of human relationships, but there is nothing quite comparable to the overwhelming emotions that accompany a new romantic or sexual partnership. In some cases, the earnestness of these feelings may make it difficult to distinguish the difference between love and infatuation.

What is infatuation?

The infatuation definition varies significantly from the definition of love. Infatuation is all-consuming, addictive, and unreasonable. It moves in a rush and can take over your life to that point that the infatuation is all that defines you. This type of attraction is dangerous, as infatuated individuals often ignore their true needs and the needs of their partner.

There is no satisfaction in infatuation—only disappointment and emptiness.

You may experience infatuation symptoms such as:

  • Recklessness (performing high-risk sexual behaviors, for example);
  • Jealousy or possessiveness;
  • A tendency to neglect other important parts of your life (family, school, or work);
  • Intrusive thoughts;
  • Stress and exhaustion.

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Infatuation vs. love

love vs infatuation

While love and infatuation are both extraordinarily intense feelings, the differences between them are many. 

Infatuation may be more common at the beginning of a relationship when the attraction is all-consuming and sexual desire trumps the development of deeper emotions. Love, on the other hand, develops at a steadier pace. While mutual love between partners results in a healthy and fulfilling relationship, long-term infatuation will more often lead to a feeling of loneliness.

We’ve reviewed some symptoms of infatuation, but what about love? It looks quite different. Those in love may experience signs of a healthy relationship including:

  • Proceeding at a pace comfortable for both members of the relationship;
  • Mutual trust and honesty;
  • Enrichment in parts of life outside of the relationship;
  • The ability to maintain personal space and boundaries;
  • Thoughtful communication surrounding sexual activity.

Seeking help

If you’re having trouble distinguishing love vs. infatuation in your life, we recommend that you seek the expertise of an Online Life Coach to guide you toward answers and resolution.

Online life coaching is an incredible resource for those who need guidance in their personal lives. Life Coaches are trained professionals who will partner with you as allies to provide support and clarification as you work toward your life’s goals. A Life Coach will help you conclude whether or not the way you are pursuing relationships is healthy, and then will assist you as you make decisions moving forward.

Because holding onto feelings of infatuation can be damaging in the long term, don’t hesitate to ask for help today—a number of skilled Life Coaches are available to meet with you at your convenience.

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Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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