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Gail De Souza LLAC is a Leadership Love Attraction Coach based in London, helps people in the four areas of Soulmate Relationships, Heartache, Money, and Career. Gail is well versed in working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds. She has spent 28 years studying the A-Z of spiritual teachings with a conclusion that Love must flow in all areas of your life to build successful relationships. She has also authored many popular articles over WikiExpert. Let's get to know a little more about Gail:

WikiExpert: I see that your primary focus is in 3 areas: Love, Money, and Business. Can you tell us a little more about this? Why these areas? 

Gail De Souza: With extensive training, I undertook as a Love Coach the foundations are spiritually based and cover many areas of life. The 3 areas that resonated with me was Love, in helping people moving from heartache to attract their soulmate. Money, we all need this in our life to give us the freedom of turning our dreams into reality and business because of the experience in my career of helping business owners step into their success. Having studied spirituality for 30 years I wanted to take out the woo-woo side out and embracing the powerful modalities to help my Clients to expand into creating upgraded life. For example, as children growing up we were never taught about relationships or money, and as a result, with all the information we have at our fingertips humanity, keeps repeating the same mistakes of divorce and debt. I come from the premise that we should not be living a life of struggle living paycheque to paycheque or having mediocre relationships when we deserve more. When we use the energy of love in all areas of life, it's amazing how my Clients have catapulted to new heights.

WikiExpert: During your time as a Love, Money, Life, and Business Coach, what has been the biggest lesson that you've learned?

Gail De Souza: Our nature is one of expansion and when things seem to be falling apart into chaos this was actually a good sign. I was getting kicked out of a small world because a bigger one was awaiting me as I went through an exploration of what an expanded world looked like and how I was being taken there. I had to let go of the logical brain and open up to new possibilities.

WikiExpert: What is the most challenging part of your career and how do you deal with it?

Gail De Souza: The challenging part is marketing as this seems to be rapidly changing especially now we see the need for emotional branding where we have to appeal directly to potential client’s emotional needs and aspirations. How I deal with it is to gather information and literally dive into the experience and if I make a mistake, I learn from it and move on.

WikiExpert: Please tell us a little about how Clients can benefit from your online love coaching sessions? What do you cover in these sessions?

Gail De Souza: There is something magical and very different about doing private sessions that are tailored for each Client. The method of coaching tailored to each person, they are able to gain my mental, spiritual, motivational and emotional support and insights into what it will take for them to get where they want to go. I help them to pinpoints where they go wrong... what is holding them up... and where you need to grow and provide the support they need to make breakthroughs. Coaching is what helped me flourish and I have seen the difference it has made in so many people I've worked with. There is not a high-level CEO that does not have a Life Coach these days, nor can you find a professional athlete who could do without a Coach.

In particular, I would like to highlight that when you are with the right person who you truly love and they love you in return there is no price you can put. They feel fortunate to no longer have to search for true love because they are living it every day. They realize how blessed they are to be spending their days in the embrace of their best friend, lover and sacred partner co-creating. Soulmate couples become powerful manifestors.

WikExpert: I see that you also offer individual online coaching sessions directed towards people who are single. Please tell how do you help these people find their soulmate? How do you help them to identify the "right" partner?

Gail De Souza: I help my Clients OPEN UP to the possibility that they have a soulmate out there somewhere, living and breathing right now. We live in a cynical society and it is easy to be a skeptic, to think that love is only for the lucky. This makes many singles feel desperate, and this energy is not conducive to attracting your love. By changing their thinking on this issue to open up to love we begin affirming that they do have a soulmate and that nothing can keep the two of you apart.

With a number of powerful techniques, we work through releasing negative beliefs and any old loves lurking about in their consciousness. I help them to get soulmate ready and work through the stages of the meeting, dating, commitment, marriage and beyond. I provide them with a number of exercises and the confidence to become an attractant.

WikiExpert: What is the biggest mistake couples make? And what can they do to avoid it?

Gail De Souza: From the getgo, people conform to societal interpretation of what a relationship is and people follow this template based on information they have around them or the past. With this in mind, people settle into mediocre relationships instead of being honest and saying this is the wrong fit and I deserve more.

Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to bin the relationship you're in now, however, both parties must come to the table to make the change. By loving yourself you want to create a life made of dreams rather than arguing about who is going to take out the rubbish, paying the bills or you did not put the toilet seat down. I have worked with a number of married couples to bring back love into their life by having fun, learning new love templates and celebrating the life they have as a couple.

WikiExpert: What is the foundation of a successful relationship? And how do you help couples to build this?

Gail De Souza: In the first instance I would say aim for your soulmate it can save you a lot of heartache in the long run. For couples who are not with their soulmate then I help them to revisit connecting, through a process of release we remove blocks as to their old programmed beliefs to love and set new intentions for the love life. Sometimes people carry old hurts into married life so we may need to do healing work on the heart. There is a process of deliberate creation to identify what they want in different areas of life and work towards building a template with new life goals.

WikiExpert: What has been the weirdest/funniest thing that happened to you during a coaching session?

Gail De Souza: There have been many weird and funny things happen, such as instant manifestations during coaching sessions. One Client had recently gone through a breakup and we were going through a release process in this session. Once it was complete her ex-partner phoned her up and suggested they get back together. Having the confidence she was not going to settle she say no. After a polite conversation informing him that she made peace with the breakup, she wished him well with a great big smile. My Client and I celebrated this win and declaring to the universe she was ready for soulmate love. She went on to meet her soulmate.

WikiExpert: Now, let's talk about money! I read your book review, Spiritual Entrepreneur's Love Of Money: 30 Days Money Love Magnet and came across your statement saying: It’s a new day and the relationship you have with money is equal to that with the ones that you love. Please tell us a little more about this and why do you say that?

Gail De Souza: Every day is a new day however we have a tendency to carry problems of the day before into the new day. Therefore starting the new day with positive thoughts can jump start your day and those around you. We are made of energy and when we send out the vibrations of love we attract this into our life, love of money. Imagine you had a child who had a chronic illness but you found out that there was a cure but you needed the money for this treatment. Therefore, you would want that money. You could work hard for it taking on 2 or 3 jobs to earn the money but there is the risk of you getting ill on the way. Now if, I was to tell you that your relationship with money working on love and that this is an abundant universe with infinite possibilities and you are a money magnet by releasing blocks. You can either present me with resistance to this idea or you could have an open to hearing what’s next. If you were to delve into the exploration of unexpected income or instant manifestation of money then we have tapped on to rewiring your beliefs as to money. And, like a magnet to money you would have the funds to treat your child.

WikiExpert: How do you help your Clients with having a healthy relationship with money?

Gail De Souza: We have to understand where they are at with money, what they want, removing blocks and up-leveling their thoughts. To make the necessary change it takes at least 21 days to remove old patterns and create new habits. There are a number of techniques and I tend to tailor this to each client because no one hat fits all. Our thoughts are very powerful and what you focus on grows. When you are in alignment with money anything can happen.  

WikiExpert: We loved your recent article about women taking financial responsibility! In your opinion, what is the most challenging factor for women when it comes to building a successful career/business? Or what is the biggest factor that prevents them from being successful?

Gail De Souza: The challenging factor is to aim big and building their confidence that they can do it and ask for more. What is good though is when we look for evidence as we sure up ourselves as women, we are seeing a shift of women step into powerful leadership positions like the voice of Michelle Obama. Women need to love themselves and when a woman is loved there is no stopping her. One woman who seems to be creating waves of not following the norm is Marianne Williamson who is running for president in 2020 and is dedicated to creating a new political possibility that elevates our standards of American democracy. She herself is the author of “Return to Love” and when we start really understanding what love is in our life we all will work to elevating stands in our own life and the world at large. One of the big factors is self-esteem coupled with naysayers who try to rain on your parade. I have a mastermind group with coaches in the USA who are also updating me with current events in the USA where there is a drive to get more women into the science and medical fields.  More recently, the American Women’s Football team who won the world cup and now asking for the same wages. We will see how this develops. Like Charles Dickens character Oliver Twist, he was a little boy who felt entitled to ask for more and in turn, this is what girls and women must be doing. Let’s get the vibrational effect for women to accelerate into financial abundance.

WikiExpert: How do you encourage women to become financially independent and how do you advise them on reaching their financial goals?

Gail De Souza: Money is made up of energy and so are we. Therefore, we have the ability to open ourselves up and be conduits to flow that energy.

Many people with negative beliefs to money fall into the trap of ruminating about their lack or what they have lost. Without changing these perceptions and thought process around wealth they begin the downward spiral repelling wealth against the positive forces of happiness.

Money managed properly has the power to grow and take care of you for many years to come. I teach people to develop the correct mindset for blending money with spirituality, combined with proven strategies.

We Identify the beliefs and patterns both known & unknown about money and make a commitment to stepping towards a life of financial freedom. When my Clients are armed with valuable information they start the process of releasing money blocks and then I move my Clients into inspired action to upgrade their life so as to increase their capacity to manifest more money.

Now, let's get to know Gail a little better and she what she loves doing when she's not coaching:

WikiExpert: I see that you love traveling and learning about new cultures! Which is great! So, where's your next stop?

Gail De Souza: There are two countries at the top of my list the shorter distance is to visit Sicily. I have been to a number parts of it Italy but Sicily seems to be calling me. I would love to see the baroque architecture and sample the fresh Siracusa lemon or blood oranges.

China is another destination for greatest sights including the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the Terracotta Warriors and the bright lights of Shanghai. 

WikiExpert: Tell us about the most fascinating thing you've seen during your travels? 

Gail De Souza: One of my most favorite destinations was trekking in Peru, there were so many wonders like camping under the stars to the sophistication and advancement of Incan technologies. Also, on the trek, we visited Lake Titicaca in Bolivia’s, which is magical destinations with ample picturesque hiking trails and endless ancient Inca sites to explore.

WikiExpert: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time, apart from traveling?

Gail De Souza: Being an ambivert and living in London has its advantages as I enjoy being out and about with the Opera, theatres and more recently I have been going to immersion events where you become part of the theatrical experience. I also adore pampering myself and going to the spa weekends especially if they are part of stately homes this helps me to keep zen-like and a happy frequency for my Clients to get a pleasurable coaching experience.

WikiExpert: What made you go down the route of becoming an Online Love, Money, and Business Coach? What inspired you.

Gail De Souza: I qualified to become a Coach in 2001 but I never really stepped into the role until 2015 when I hired a Coach. My mentor opened me into a world of infinite possibilities and having a life of purpose. With so many blessings I have experienced I wanted to help others to step into a love of abundance in Love, Money & Business.

WikiExpert: If you had to describe yourself in just three words, what would they be?

Gail De Souza: Playful, genius & imperturbable

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