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You can be happy too!

Follow our tips and avoid these simple things now.

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Do you often find yourself wondering, “Why am I never happy?” Take a look at your habits! 

It’s no secret that our daily thoughts, actions, and habits affect our happiness. However, picking out the patterns of thought dragging us down can be easier said than done, so we’ve compiled a list of five simple things that happy people avoid.

Happy people never:

Hold a grudge

Maintaining negative emotions in the long term will only lead to misery. Instead, happy people avoid silent treatment, welcome open and honest communication, and don’t hang on to anger.

Obsess over appearances

If you base your contentment on your outward appearance, you will never be happy. Truthfully, we are only human, and that means there is no such thing as perfection! Instead of focusing on aspects of their appearance which they dislike, happy people find contentment in their uniqueness.

Ignore mistakes only to continue repeating them 

The happiest people understand that mistakes provide an opportunity for learning. By using our failures to our advantage and using negative experiences to improve ourselves, we can avoid future mishaps and be happier for it. 


As we discover what to do to be happy or as a result of aiming only to please others, it’s easy to take on too much at once. In reality, an oversaturated schedule will only lead to stress down the road.

Seek out drama

Sometimes, curiosity gets the best of us, but nothing good can come from seeking out drama. Those who stew in negativity (including the negativity propagated by others) are never happy. Happy people avoid drama and toxic environments as much as possible, instead choosing to enrich their lives with uplifting environments.

Chances are that you can relate to some items on this list, and that’s okay! It’s only natural to associate with many of these actions. Choosing to make changes is what’s most important.

You are not alone

It’s one thing to acknowledge the thoughts and actions which may be weighing you down, but it’s a different matter entirely to abandon these practices and find happiness. Modifying your thought patterns and habits may be difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone! Online life coaching sessions can help.

Life Coaches are professionally trained in the art of happiness, and this expertise is at your fingertips, too. An Online Life Coach will teach you how to stop saying, “I am never happy,” and instead tell yourself, “Today, I will be happy.” By helping you to break the patterns that keep you from happiness, an Online Life Coach can rescue you from depressing stagnancy—the first step toward change is scheduling an online session today. Browse through our list of Online Life Coaches now.

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