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At the core of every successful business is a humble idea.

Anyone can brainstorm a list of thoughts, but we understand that developing ideas with true potential is easier said than done. If you need some sobering proof, according to the Small Business Administration a whopping one-third of new businesses will fail within the first two years.

However, don’t let the statistics get to you! Believe it or not, you can significantly improve the quality of your start-up ideas (and your probability of success) by tapping into a few key tips:

Get creative

Keep your creativity at peak performance. Just like the rest of your body, your brain needs exercise, too! Write, doodle, search the world around you for the perfect photograph—how you pursue creativity doesn’t matter, as long as you are training your brain to think outside the box.

Take your own life into consideration

Consider areas in your own life which could be improved. Whenever you wish that a daily task was more convenient or that a work event was organized more efficiently, ask yourself how you might integrate solutions!

Learn from others

Look up to those who have been successful, and learn from those who have failed. Learning from the experiences of those who came before you is arguably one of the most powerful ways to develop and improve your ideas.

Think big

Start big, then go smaller. Don’t stop until you’ve milked potential from every last detail. Often, the best business ideas are deceptively simple; while thinking on a large scale can be a helpful practice, aiming for details will increase the specificity of your business goals and your likelihood of success. 

Seek the help of an Online Business Coach

Hire an Online Business Coach. If you thought that bouncing ideas off your pals was helpful, just wait until you talk to one of these entrepreneurial experts! A Business Coach will be able to guide you through the process of perfecting your business ideas, narrowing your scope, and taking the first steps toward making your passions a reality. Many Business Coaches work online, so it’s easy to schedule a remote session and reap the benefits.

Make notes

Carry a notebook, or at least download a reliable note-taking app onto your phone. While it’s not likely that your best ideas will come to you out of nowhere, the random inspiration that strikes on your morning commute or in the fast food drive-thru may lead to big ideas down the road.

What are you waiting for? You never know which of your killer business ideas might transform into the next successful start-up, so grab a notebook, schedule an Online Business Coaching session, and put your brain to work! Browse through our list of Online Business Coaches.

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