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WikiExpert has the honor of interviewing Georgina Hill-Brown, an Online Vocal Coach and Expert Singing Teacher who has worked for the likes of MTV, BBC, ITV, etc. She has worked behind the scenes as a Vocal Coach and she has judged in many competitions. Georgina has also worked with celebrities in the past and she is the founder of The New Foundry Studios, which is the largest vocal and singing tuition network in the UK! Let's get started. 

WikiExpert: What inspired you to become an Online Singing Tutor?

Georgina Hill-Brown: To be able to educate more singers all over the world.

WikiExpert: What is the best part of teaching singing online and what do you enjoy most about it?

Georgina Hill-Brown: Helping people build confidence and seeing them succeed.

WikiExpert: What is the most challenging part of teaching singing? And how do overcome this?

Georgina Hill-Brown: The most challenging part is how much it takes out of you. Teaching 1-2-1 is intense as you feel connected to who you are teaching and take on their feelings, plus I adapt my teaching style to whoever I am teaching. 

WikiExpert: What do you enjoy most about your career?

Georgina Hill-Brown: I just love making videos and getting positive responses.

WikiExpert: Please tell us a little about how people can benefit from online singing lessons?

Georgina Hill-Brown: To have someone understand your individual voice, and what you want to achieve and develop the voice.

WikiExpert: I see that you also work as a Vocal Coach and you have worked with many celebrities including Natasha Hamilton of Atomic Kitten, which is great! Can you tell us a little about this? And how do you go about helping the people you coach?

Georgina Hill-Brown: I worked on a tv show called just the two of us, and it was my job to help prepare the singers for the show. I assess what they want to achieve and go from there. 

WikiExpert: You have also worked with MTV, BBC, etc, please enlighten us a little on this and the role you played here?

Georgina Hill-Brown: I worked behind the scenes coaching singers ready for performance. 

WikiExpert: Among everything else, you have also worked as a judge in many competitions. We'd really love to know about how it felt being a judge, what challenges did you face? And how did you judge the competitors? Were there certain factors that you looked for etc?

Georgina Hill-Brown: I have judged hundreds of competitions and I take in lots of different factors. Professionalism, skill, choice of song, style. I really enjoyed being a judge as it was a way of helping others understand how they could improve. I worked with Birdy and GEorge Samson amongst others who have gone on to do great things. I’d say the only challenging factors would have been to be as unbiased as possible. 

WikiExpert: What advice would you give to those who want to learn how to sing - but are afraid that they're not capable of being able to succeed?

Georgina Hill-Brown: Find a good coach, start to understand your voice, and go for it! 

WikiExpert: Among your many accomplishments, you are also the founder of The New Foundry Studios. Tell us a little about your studio and what you offer?

Georgina Hill-Brown: I build my studio from just one room, offering singing lessons, to now being able to record, produce and write origins music. I also offer piano, guitar, and drum lessons. 

Now let's get to know a little about Georgina:

WikiExpert: What's your favorite style of music?

Georgina Hill-Brown: Musical theatre.

WikiExpert: Who's your favorite singer and band?

Georgina Hill-Brown: Hmmm, I don’t really have one. I love girl bands! 

WikiExpert: In addition to singing, do you also dance and write songs?

Georgina Hill-Brown: I used to dance, yes. I was trained from age 4-19. I performed in quite a few musicals. The sound of music and others. I do write, but mainly collaboratively. I’ve only one song of just mine I have put out, about a relationship breakup. 

WikiExpert: When you're not working, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Georgina Hill-Brown: I don’t have much free time, I’m quite the workaholic. I don’t like shopping! Aghhh. I do enjoy going out for meals and seeing shows. 

WikiExpert: What is your favorite musical instrument and why?

Georgina Hill-Brown: The voice! 

WikiExpert: What are your goals both personally and professionally? Short and long-term?

Georgina Hill-Brown: Short term to continue building my YouTube and studio and long term, to not work every day! 

WikiExpert: Name two things that you cannot live without?

Georgina Hill-Brown: My phone, the internet.

Interested in learning how to sing? Book an online singing session with Georgina today!

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