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Guilty of procrastinating?

Let an Online Business Coach help you overcome this and grow your business!

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How can I grow my business when I find myself frequently procrastinating? 

This is a common question that business owners face, as delaying important tasks gets in the way of progress. Procrastination ultimately leads to increased stress and anxiety, and poorer performance.

How to deal with procrastination 

The usual tips for managing it revolves around time-management practices, such as:

  • Writing to-do lists based on importance and urgency
  • Turning off your phone, disabling desktop notifications
  • Blocking tasks in your calendar 
  • Setting deadlines for each task

However, these tips only help with procrastination when the problem is in fact time-management. This is a simplistic approach which fails to take into account other underlying reasons why people delay their responsibilities. 

Why do we procrastinate?

People who live more in the present moment often choose instant gratification instead of long-term rewards, which is linked to procrastinating. However, there are many reasons why, as a business owner, you might procrastinate despite knowing that the instant gratification pattern makes matters worse. 

Fear of failure: growing a business is no easy feat, and the fear of failing is a common reason why people delay important tasks. 

Overwhelm: as a business owner, you have a full plate. To grow your business, you have to manage countless aspects, which can make you overwhelmed and cause a lack of direction. 

Unpleasant tasks: simply put, tedious, boring, or frustrating tasks can increase resistance and cause you to procrastinate.

Slow progress: if your business is not moving forward as you’d like, the lack of satisfaction may make you more prone to the instant gratification pattern. 

Nowadays, procrastination is seen as a complex and individual behavior that extends past the scope of poor time-management. In order to change this pattern, you need to first find the real causes. 

Business Coaching

Coaching can be an excellent solution to learn how to deal with procrastination in order to grow your business. Generic internet advice is not the ideal approach. 

What does a Business Coach do? 

A Business Coach will work with you in your corporate context, helping you reach an understanding of the real cause of resistance that is making you delay your tasks. 

Business Coaching is not therapy, but a way for an expert to help you implement adequate systems that will work for you, offering clarity on how to grow your business. You will develop accountability, set goals, strategies, and rewards, and thus learn how to stop procrastinating and become the most efficient version of yourself. 

With a busy schedule, Online Business Coaching sessions will make the most out of your time. WikiExpert is helping clients all over the world find their perfect Business Coach match, so browse through our list of Business Coaches today. 

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