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If your new year's resolution was to work smarter and accomplish your goals while staying productive, it's very likely things are not exactly working to plan.

The reason is simple: you've not structured your life to fit your schedule. You don't know how to manage your time. You could have a two-hour workday and still achieve nothing both at work and outside of it.

Managing your time helps make you more productive and, while there are many ways you can achieve this, a Life Coach provides the complete package.

You can either get online or offline coaching but an Online Coach offers more flexibility. Here are six reasons to get one. 

Why you need an Online Life Coach 

1. Online Life Coaching makes you more accountable

Procrastination is the killer of time, it's too easy to avoid doing something when you know there’ll be little or no consequences for your inaction.

An Online Coach will immediately gauge your procrastination, which can be done with a time management scorecard, then the next step is getting you a to-do list that works. 

Online procrastination is very common and an Online Coach will be better suited to providing you with techniques to avoid wandering on the web.

2. Life Coaching gets you faster results

An Online Coach will provide you with resources that will help you accomplish your tasks faster.

You'll get access to case studies and progress reports of others who were at your present stage and how to manage your time better.

3. It saves you money

Figuring it all out on your own is expensive. Experience is the best teacher but sometimes, try learning from the experience of others and not yours.

Online Life Coaches are generally cheaper than in-person coaches because expenses like transportation which could be very expensive won't be included in the coaching fee.

4. Online Coaching encourages constant review

You can request for a record of previous coaching calls or appointments to revisit a tip you didn't pay much attention to, but this is something difficult in an in-person arrangement.

Online Life Coaches provide documents of progress reports from the beginning to the end of your coaching so you can access progress made.

If your goal was to work on your time management, a simple report can indicate growth over time and areas to improve upon.

5. Coaches develop systems that help you estimate time better

Poor time management doesn't mean you're not using time during the day, it only means you're spending time on the wrong things.

Online Coaches deploy systems that will track how much you're really spending on different activities which will teach you how to manage time.

It's easy to overlook Facebook until your tracker reveals you're spending six hours daily on there.

6. Online Coaching gives you flexibility

While trying to structure your day into something that works, you don't want your coaching sessions getting in the way of your progress.

Hiring an Online Life Coach will enable you to fit your appointments into parts of your day that work best with your new schedule.

You'd also have the freedom to choose the mode by which your coaching should be delivered.

Browse through our list of Online Life Coaches that can help you manage your time more efficiently today.

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