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Online Tutoring: saving money

In-person tutors cost twice as much as online tutors.

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Don’t mistake the affordable price for a lack of experience. Often, prices are driven up by the cost of commuting and the facility-related expenses that are necessary with face-to-face sessions.


Online tutoring has made it simple for families to find help within their budget, and it provides access to experts all over the globe. With WikiExpert It is easy to verify the expertise of an online tutor, read materials they have created and published, and even request a video call to discuss the child’s needs to ensure a good fit between tutor and student.



With the simplicity of sharing information digitally, students and online tutors can easily share information, including lesson plans, study guides, and other resources through any connected desktop or mobile device.


Studies show that a collaborative approach to online tutoring has been proven to reduce boredom for students. Students that might not thrive in a one-size-fits-all educational setting thrive when presented with variety.


For parents, the ability to request feedback and progress updates from tutors ensures the highest return on a tutoring investment. It also presents the opportunity to continuously adjust curriculum and learning objectives based on easy, three-way communication between parents, students, and tutors.

A change of pace

Many children learn better outside of the confines of a classroom setting. In a one-on-one setting, online tutors can make the most of sessions, without the distraction of other students or the discomfort of an unfamiliar learning environment.


For students who proclaim that they dislike school, an online tutor may feel less like a teacher and more like an advocate.


For parents who want to equip their children to understand and retain what they learn in traditional classroom settings, online tutoring offers a flexible, high-value alternative to in-person tutoring.  It has never been easier to find the right tutor to meet a child’s unique needs. With the help of a professional marketplace of experts who have delivered proven results, parents can empower their children to master any subject with confidence.


Take Initiative with WikiExpert


With WikiExpert, it’s easier than ever to get started. By exploring our online marketplace, you are no longer limited to local expertise - you will have opportunities to connect with tutors from around the world while utilizing secure, HD video calls. WikiExpert values professionalism, and you’ll be able to browse the profiles and publications of experts who specialize in exactly what you’re looking for.

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