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Flexible learning

One of the biggest benefits of online tutoring is flexibility.


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Parenthood comes with many competing priorities: work, extracurricular activities, social obligations - the list is nearly endless. Traditional tutoring isn’t always feasible for busy families.


One of the biggest benefits of online tutoring is the ability to schedule sessions at a convenient time for parents. Classroom education must adhere to rigid schedules, with pre-determined blocks of time allotted to each subject. Online tutoring removes time and location constraints and allows parents to choose when and where children learn.


Scheduling convenience isn’t the only benefit.  As a child masters materials, the tutor can shift the session focus to new concepts, adjusting the session flow in near real-time. The flexibility of online tutoring puts education at the fingertips of families at virtually any time.


An added benefit of online tutoring is the ability to choose the session location based on the best learning environment for the child. With just a simple browser connection, tutors can connect with students via their living rooms, libraries, coffee shops -virtually anywhere! Parents are no longer saddled with the inconvenience and time-drain of driving their children to a tutor’s house or place of business and that lack of commute translates into saved money.

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