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One of the hardest decisions you'll make as a business owner is choosing whether to employ outside assistance with matters that will strengthen your business.

If you own a business, you've probably been approached by a Business Coach and/or Consultant.

The best way to navigate the consultant vs coach argument is understanding the objectives of each as this will help you in making the right choice.


What does a Business Coach do?

A Business Coach provides support to grow your business over a long-term arrangement. Coaches generally work with you on accountability, action planning, brainstorming, implementation, and follow-up.

They also provide motivation and support during difficult times in your business.

Coaching could be online or offline but Online Business Coaching offers more flexibility.


What does a Business Consultant do?

A Business Consultant provides a quick fix to a specific problem in your business over a short-term arrangement.

Consultants can work with you on product offerings, pricing, lead generation, SEO and social media marketing.

Business Coach vs Business Consultant

There are a lot of features you can use to differentiate a Business Coach from a Consultant and here are some of them:

1. Period Of The Engagement

A Business Coach helps you develop the expertise to solve problems in your business over a long-term arrangement while consultants will apply their expertise to solve a problem over a short-term arrangement.

2. Number Of People Involved

Business Coaches work primarily with you on a one-to-one basis while consultants will work with others in your business to deliver certain results.

An SEO consultant can work with you or your head of marketing to improve traffic to your site while a coach will ensure you develop the knowledge to assemble a strong SEO team.

3. Strategy

A Business Coach trains you to create the right strategy to grow your business while a Consultant develops a strategy for you to follow.

4. Time and Commitment

A Coach works closely with you so will require more time and commitment than a consultant.


5 Reasons you should invest in an Online Business Coach and not a Consultant

1. You should hire a coach for self-discovery.

A consultant lays down instructions for you to follow while a coach guides you until you make the right decision so you develop the confidence to do it in other areas of your business.

Coaching also unlocks your team's strengths so they can provide better results.

2. Business Coaches work as your equal. Their goal is to develop you from owner to leader.

Consultants approach you as Experts, not to provide guidance but to apply their understanding of a situation to solve your problem.

3. You can't make choices when working with consultants, you can only hope that they make the right choices but Business Coaches help you explore possibilities.

You can make your own choices when working with a coach.

4. Business Coaches support your learning by asking the right questions. Consultants come prepared with the right answers but this won't provide growth for you.

5. Coaching is a long-term arrangement; it equips you to manage your business as it expands.

There's no guarantee that the short-term solutions a consultant provides will be permanent so if something breaks in that area of your business after some time, you'd need to hire again.


The coaching vs consulting argument is one that's not likely to end anytime soon but over the long-term, hiring a Business Coach would always be the best option. Browse through our list of Business Coaches on WikiExpert today.

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