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WikiExpert: it's all about content

Maximise your business by combining a profile with your publications.


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Unlike other online marketplaces, WikiExpert has gone against traditional listing site format and, instead, created a content driven marketplace to help you be discovered and get hired, if you are an expert and make better choices if you are a client.

By combining a full-page profile for each expert with their own uploaded content, clients get more information about experts and are more likely to hire. WikiExpert allows to publish posts to keep clients engaged and updated with the expert’s latest work.

For experts: Expand Your Profile By Uploading Your Expertise

Traditionally, when offering your expertise on an online marketplace or listing platform, you create a personal profile to advertise your services. You upload a photo, list your rates, give a brief description of what you offer, and hope for clients to start contacting you, and mostly aim for physical sessions. Anyone who has tried this method knows that it really isn’t the greatest way to get discovered and hired by potential clients.

WikiExpert has a better way to present your individual expertise and help you to be found and contacted by clients for online sessions. We are the first content-driven marketplace, combining the typical seller profile seen on so many other sites with the unique addition of the content that the expert produces. Emphasis on the content provided by the experts is used to help clients make a better decision before booking, because they have much more information about potential experts.

Instead of a short profile listing, you get a full profile page to introduce yourself to potential clients. You can post a profile photo, your education and experience, and, of course, your rates.

In addition to the full page profile, you can also emphasize your expertise by uploading content to your profile. Allowing viewers to read through any material you’ve uploaded will give them a better insight into who you are and what you do. This will help clients who are interested in booking a session with you decide if you are the best fit for their needs

For the first release of WikiExpert, you will be able to upload text and image content to show interested clients what you offer. In the future, more content format options will be available, including video and podcasts. Your content will allow you to reach a larger audience and convince interested clients to schedule a session.

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  • 274 Publications
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