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How to Cope with a Divorce You Don't Want

You can move forward and find happiness

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It's undoubtedly shattering when your spouse comes to you wanting a divorce when you've been holding onto the hope of saving your marriage. Here, we will address how to cope with a divorce you don't want. 

Calling it quits probably never seemed to be an option for you, so it's understandable to feel vulnerable and devastated at a time like this. Which is perfectly normal. 

The unfortunate part is that when your partner has initiated the divorce, you cannot force the issue of saving your marriage. You'll have to let go… 

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5 Tips on How to Cope with a Divorce You Don't Want

Be Respectful

It hurts, that's completely understandable and you're probably dealing with a lot of mixed emotions. It's normal to want to lash out at your partner or try to reason to avoid the divorce as much as possible. 

However, it is important that you respect your partner's wishes and proceed with the divorce. After all, you cannot stay in a one-sided relationship. 

As difficult as it is, you need to let go and set your partner free. Being revengeful will only do you more harm than good and it'll take the healing process much longer. 

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Keep Yourself Occupied

You are heartbroken and the words are most likely echoing in your head. Again, this is not unusual. The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep occupied and busy.

Focus on your career, start a small business, find a hobby, go out with your friends and spend time with your kids. Whatever it takes to get you into your happy space. 

Filling your time with things that make you happy will relieve the pain and stress of the divorce. 

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Keep Calm and Avoid Arguments

If you still have contact with your partner due to co-parenting or divorce proceedings, arguments can happen. Try and avoid this as much as possible. 

If your partner starts it, walk away from the situation - no matter how difficult it might be. Engaging in arguments will leave you feeling more emotional. 

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Understand the Causes and Allow Some Space

If you're calm and in control of your emotions and if you really need closure, ask your partner for reasons and listen. You don't have to beg your spouse to stay in the relationship or change accordingly. 

This is only if you really want to know the cause. Once you've had the discussion, you can end on a good note, wish your partner well and give yourself some space to process everything and your spouse too. 

Being away from each other during the divorce proceedings is also better. You can start getting used to living your life without your partner in it. 

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Get help

If you really cannot cope with the divorce and you've been sinking into depression, then you should seek professional help with overcoming this. 

Speaking to an Online Divorce Coach or Counselor can do wonders for your mental health and with starting this new chapter of your life. You'll learn all the necessary skills to overcome this period. 

On WikiExpert, you can read articles authored by professionals and follow the topic of divorce to stay updated on the latest. 

You can also seek support from others and the professionals in the "Discuss with Experts". Ask questions and help others that are in the same situation as you. 

Either way, we wish you all the best and happiness moving forward. 

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