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The modern ages bring about many challenges. Each and every individual is faced with some problem throughout life. Beyond this, everyone has passions and interests.

At times, problems can become more difficult and for the most part, many are lost in finding answers and the best advice that is available and that is tailored to their needs, despite living in a world with an abundance of information. 

This causes a great deal of stress because there never seems to be an obvious solution. So, the real question is how do these individuals solve this and find the guidance they need? Where and who do they turn to? How do they find the best communities to serve their interests?

What Makes WikiExpert Different from Others? 

We are not just any ordinary platform, social network, or discussion group like the many others there are on the internet. WikiExpert is a global network that aims to help everyone, irrespective of language, age, etc. The best part is there is no platform like ours! 

We are building global communities to which users can belong, without having to go elsewhere. What sets us apart from others is users can seek guidance from professionals.

Unlike most platforms, in which users engage for a short period of time and then they stop because it has served their purpose, WikiExpert is the platform in which users can stay engaged for their entire lives. 

No matter what stage of their life they are in or what issue they are facing, WikiExpert is the network that has all the answers. 

Let's take a look at an example, we have a woman aged 20. 

Journey of life

The bottom line is that no matter what situation users are faced with, we have what they need. 

Understanding WikiExpert

We are not just your typical platform that would match users with what we feel would be the best professional for them.

Our algorithm will read their problems and give them the best answers and advice that are personalized to their needs. WikiExpert understands the needs of our users and we give them the guidance they need that has worked for others with the same problem. 

Now, going back to the example above, that is not what every woman's life would look like. Bearing this in mind, we want to meet the needs of every single person that visits WikiExpert and we want each and every one of them to belong - no matter what the issue might be. 

We also don't plan on stopping there. In the future, we'll launch more features that allow users to find the Expertise they need, no matter where on the planet they might be. 

How Does it Work?

On WikiExpert, we have a variety of professionals that are available for online sessions. These Experts have also published articles with an intention of helping users. 

We believe that "helping yourself, helps others too". Therefore, users can mark articles that they have found helpful. 

Users can also follow topics that matter to them to stay updated on the latest. Due to the growth of WikiExpert, the next milestone was to release and develop discussion groups, "Discuss with an Expert". 

This allows users to connect with Experts and others like them and discuss their problems in a non-judgemental environment in which they can belong. 

The main difference between WikiExpert and other mediums is that users can differentiate between others like them and professionals. We make this distinction very clear. 

Users can also jump into 1:1 online sessions with these professionals and make payments all on WikiExpert talk. 

We don't plan on stopping here. We plan on launching videos and more.


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