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We recently launched the "Discuss with Experts" which is not just the typical discussion group. There are various factors that set us apart from others. 

Our goal is to provide our users with a platform where they can not only solve their problems but also serve their interests on WikiExpert, the first Social Network for Expertise. 

Therefore, WikiExpert is the only platform you'll need throughout your life.

The first group that was launched was on parenting. Join the community now. 

Discussion Group

What's Being Discussed and Trending Right Now:

  • How to talk to kids about the situation in Ukraine;
  • Teen problems;
  • How to handle toddler tantrums;
  • Banning children from using devices;
  • Raising kids with learning disabilities;
  • Ideas on how to keep young kids busy during the day;
  • Child-birthing experiences;
  • Weaning toddlers off breastfeeding;
  • Milestones in a child's life;
  • Managing interfering in-laws;
  • Single-parenting;
  • How long should babies/toddlers sleep in their parent's rooms?

Discussion Group with Experts

Ready to Get Help?

Happy discussing! We hope that you find the "Discuss with Experts" to be helpful and that you get the advice you need. 

Follow this link to ask a question or join an existing discussion.

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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