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Is Black Friday Ruining Your Relationship?

Put a stop to overspending and see how you can do it.

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It's that time of the year again, Black Friday. People around the globe wait for this time to go on shopping sprees in hopes of saving big! Unfortunately, most end up spending too much money and this leads to financial issues and even problems in their relationships. 

So, how do you keep your relationship intact and your bank balance? In this article, we will cover this and give you advice. 

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How to Prevent Black Friday from Tearing Your Relationship Apart

Black Friday Tips

We understand that it's tempting to splurge on this day and that's the goal of Black Friday. However, there are ways you can work around it. 

WikiExpert Suggestion

See what actions can destroy a relationship, money included. Read this article by Elizabeth Martinez, Online Life Coach. 

Speak to Your Partner about it Beforehand

Before Black Friday, you should discuss and budget with your spouse. Draw up a list of all your expenses for the month and then determine whether there is any leftover money to spend on Black Friday. 

Think about it carefully and work together as a team to manage your finances. 

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Do you and your spouse struggle with communication? Learn how to do this effectively. Written by Elizabeth Smith, Online Life Coach. 

Don't Overspend

Not as easy as it sounds? However, there are ways in which you can prevent yourself from overspending. Let's cover some tips:

Only buy what's necessary:

Separate your wants from your needs. There's nothing wrong with looking for good deals and buying your necessities in bulk. 

In other words, purchase what's needed first. Then if there's anything leftover money, you can treat yourself and your spouse. 

Don't reach for your credit card:

When you find your funds run out, you might want to reach out for your credit card or in some cases, loans. 

However, before you do this, think about the consequences. Once all that money is spent, you'll need to pay it back and more. Will it be worth it in the long run? Moreover, it'll even cause problems in your relationship.

If your spouse has more control than you, then let your partner keep the cards and stop you from going overboard. If you both don't have control, don't be afraid to seek help from friends or family members. 

WikiExpert Suggestion

Learn how to resolve conflict in your relationship. Read this article by Jennifer Lehr, Online Marriage Therapist. 

Avoid Going into the Stores

You know yourself better than anyone else and if you feel that you will have no self-control in the stores, then avoid them altogether. This rule applies to your partner also if he too has no control.

Spend the day at home, do something you both enjoy. 

What about Online Shopping?

So, you can avoid going into stores, but there is still online shopping. Which is easily accessible. 

Stop looking for online deals. You can also plan the day out - not to the stores but plan an activity with your spouse and invite some friends.

It's also Thanksgiving weekend, so you can also dedicate some time to your family members. 

Think about the Consequences

No money in the wallet

Whether you or your spouse or both of you are impulsive spenders, take a moment to think about the months to come and the predicament you could be sitting in, should you overspend. 

Think about how it can affect your relationship and that it'll cause unnecessary stress and arguments with each other. 


Let's face it, this is a difficult situation to deal with. So, if you feel you could benefit from professional help and advice, there's nothing wrong with reaching out for it. 

On WikiExpert, you can read relationship and marriage articles and even follow this topic to stay updated on the latest. 

You can also book a session with an Online Relationship Coach or Marriage Counselor to receive personalized help.

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