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Understanding the 1111 Number

Make your wishes come true!

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Whether you realize it or not, each and every individual is surrounded by numbers. However, the 1111 angel number is considered to be a special one.

The 1111 angel number is said to be the start of a new beginning and it happens on the 11th of November every year, making it a powerful day to manifest whatever your desires might be. 

The 1111 portal opens allowing you to make your dreams come true due to the abundance of this energy that this day beholds. 

In this article, we will discuss the 1111 meaning and other helpful articles that were written by professionals. 

We all want to improve our lives and be happy. Also, we each have our desires, whether it's finding love, achieving success, etc. You can reach out to a suitable professional that can help you with accomplishing this. 

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Learn about the spiritual energies of the 11:11 portal, what it's about and how to manifest your desires. Read this article by Ann Verster, Online Life Coach.

How to Manifest Your Desires on 11:11

So, as mentioned earlier, this is a magical number and day. This is when you need to call out to the universe and ask for whatever you want. 

Your dreams can be turned into reality if you harness the power, follow your divine purpose and unlock yourself to receive. 

Now, you're probably wondering, "how to manifest my desires?". Here's how you can do it:

  • Sit and think about what you want;
  • Think about how your life would be if you got what you wanted;
  • Visualize yourself when you get what you want;
  • Think about your future and what you wish to accomplish;
  • Write down what you want;
  • Meditate and think about your deepest desires.

Remember, in doing all of the above, there is no room for negativity. You have to have a positive mindset. 

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See how you can write your letter to the universe. Read this article by Aurélia Robert, Online Life Coach. 

Twin Flames 1111

Twin Flames

Are you searching for the "one" or are you trying to locate your soulmate or twin flame? The 1111 portal is the day you can ask the universe to connect with your twin flame. 

The twin flames 1111 is when you can harvest the energies and call out to your twin flame. 

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You can feel your twin flame's emotions, presence and feelings. Read this article by Ann Verster, Online Life Coach. 


Remember, when you get what you want to be grateful and appreciative to the universe for granting your wishes. 

If you're still uncertain about how to make this most of this day, manifest what you want, or go about the manifestation process, you can read articles on WikiExpert authored by Experts. 

You can also book a session with an Online Professional who'll guide you through this and show you the best practices. 

We wish you all the best with manifesting your desires on the 11th of November! 

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