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How to Manifest an Ex Using the Law of Attraction

Tarryn Tomlinson shares more details on this matter.

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Are you asking yourself, "will my ex come back to me" or "how can I get my ex back"? We have interviewed a Law of Attraction Coach, Tarryn Tomlinson who sheds some light on this topic. She covers how it works and how you can use it to manifest your ex.

Tarryn has over 15 years of experience. She is also a master manifestor as well and she uses her personal experience and studies in her online sessions. So, let's see what Tarryn has to say on this matter, how she can help and a little about her, read to the end to discover how the Law of Attraction works for manifesting your ex:

WikiExpert: Please explain the Law of Attraction and how it works?

Tarryn Tomlinson: The entire Universe including our bodies is governed by laws. In understanding the nature of the thing/experience we are observing we are able to pick up on patterns and by understanding patterns and reactions we are able to manipulate them to bring about certain results. This is why we can fly airplanes and manipulate our diet to lose or pick up weight. This is how all of our sciences and technologies have evolved. 

We have built our world on these natural laws but very few of us understand that the physical world we have built is maintained by another force. A force much stronger than natural laws, we call this force 'energy' in scientific terms and 'God' in religious terms. You see, the matter which is everything we can touch is made up of atoms, atoms give structure to form.

An atom is the smallest unit of matter and it is so tiny that we cannot accurately predict its behavior using classical physics. When scientists began to study atoms at this level-they were astounded to find that atoms (which make up all the physical Universe) behave in ways that defy logic. Such as in the case of 'entanglement' in which atoms or electrons can share the same state even when light-years apart. 

The Law of Attraction explains the process of how 'like energies' are attracted to each other to form bigger energy fields until the clusters of energy become so big that they form matter. What science has been able to discover is that our thoughts also emit energy and that when we have similar types of thoughts it has an effect on our emotions, our actions, our environment and even other people! 

WikiExpert: How does it relate to relationships and how does it help?

Tarryn Tomlinson: Your beliefs about yourself, about other people and about relationships, in general, will be the driving energy that goes in search of  'similar energy' in other people and circumstances. So for example someone who believes they are not worthy of love will generally not find love or be attracted to someone who does not treat them well.

So if you are struggling in your relationships, look at your beliefs, do you believe it's difficult to find love? Deep down are you terrified that you aren't good enough? If your beliefs are negative, suspicious in nature then you will manifest negative situations in your experience. So in order to heal your relationship, you need to start thinking about yourself, the relationship and your ex-partner.

Tarryn Tomlinson Quote

WikiExpert: How can it be used to get an ex back?

Tarryn Tomlinson: Yes, you can use the Law of Attraction to get your ex back, however, first, you have to be willing to love yourself more than you love your ex. This might sound counter-intuitive but if like attracts like, then how can you expect your partner to love what you don't? So start with yourself. Be honest with yourself as to where you have made him a priority over yourself. After a break up it's normal for us to start questioning our worth, so it's important that you start right away to write down all the things you love about yourself and think more and more of your amazing qualities. If there are some things you want to change then do so; as long as you are doing it in a healthy way and as long as you are doing it from a place of self-love. 

Have fun again, go out and enjoy your life! Start to fill your life with your passions so that each day you are doing something you love. All that time you spent with him you can spend on doing things that bring you joy and if you do not know what that is yet, then be willing to try new things and meet new people. Get out of your comfort zone and discover new possibilities.

Also, change your attitude towards life, give love wherever you go. Smile at people, offer to help where you can, be kind. Give the love, compassion and understanding you wish to receive from everybody and it will come back to you tenfold.

Another fundamental step is to live in a state of gratitude for your life, for all of your blessings, for your ex-partner and even for the breakup! Because the breakup leads you to a better understanding of yourself and a better relationship in the end whether with him or another person, then the breakup is a good thing, no?

Tarryn Tomlinson Quote

WikiExpert: What if an ex isn't meant to be yours or to return, how would the Law of Attraction work in this case?

Tarryn Tomlinson: When you get to a place of loving yourself again or maybe even for the first time, you will have a greater perspective of the relationship and the person. You may find that either you are no longer attracted to them or they do not come back in your life.

I once coached a man who desperately wanted to be married to one particular woman. I told him to focus on being in a loving relationship in general but he insisted he wanted her. I told him what to do to welcome her energy into his life, he listened and our sessions ended. Four months later he let me know that they had gotten back together and were happily married. The relationship unfortunately only lasted for a year because he never worked on his own insecurities which made him fearful of losing her, a fear which came true. This is not to say that this was his fault as he and the lady just were not aligned. You see you can always get what you want but you must be willing to pay the price.

WikiExpert: Would you advise someone who is trying to win their ex back to use the Law of Attraction?

Tarryn Tomlinson: I would advise anyone to focus on all the qualities they love about their ex and to focus on the idea of being in a loving relationship. If with time you feel your heart still pulling towards this person then trust that. Allow yourself to entertain the idea of him already back in your life, be happy and then just move on with your life. If he is the highest ideal for you then he will be back.

WikiExpert: Is there a timeframe in which an ex would return after using the Law of Attraction?

Tarryn Tomlinson: There is no time frame because time is a man-made concept. There is no time in the quantum field. All realities exist in the ever eternal now, all you have to do is to tune into the reality you wish to experience, if that is the reality of being back with your ex then give that reality all your positive thought and emotions.

WikiExpert: Would the Law of Attraction work for someone who doesn't believe in it?

Tarryn Tomlinson: We are always attracting life circumstances and experiences to us via our thoughts whether we believe it or not. So the law will work regardless, the question is will you learn to work it in your favor?

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WikiExpert: If an ex returns through the Law of Attraction, how can both partners work towards maintaining a healthy relationship?

Tarryn Tomlinson: Both partners can work towards a healthy relationship by staying focused on the good in the relationship and in the other person. The relationship also needs two centered individuals to be happy so stay true to yourself, do things to keep yourself happy independent of your partner and do not make your partner your world - they are part of your world, not your whole world. When we put someone on a pedestal in our lives, above ourselves we are doing it from a point of lack, not love. Love is freedom, balance, faith, compassion and trust, when we stay with love we win. 

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WikiExpert: How would you help a Client who's in this situation?

Tarryn Tomlinson: I would first work to understand the client’s fundamental beliefs about love and help them change the beliefs that do not serve them. I would then help them to focus on what having their partner back in their lives would really look and feel like.

WikiExpert: What does your typical online session look like for helping Clients with their relationships?

Tarryn Tomlinson: My sessions last 1 hr and 30 mins and are done online. Once a week sessions I find it best to assimilate all the information and to take practical steps.

Now, let's get to know more about Tarryn:

WikiExpert: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Where can we find you?

Tarryn Tomlinson: In my spare time, I love to read, watch movies, go out into nature and travel to new and interesting spaces. I love to be creative whether that is sketching, cooking, or making pieces of art. I am also very social so I am out and about enjoying the city of Cape Town often.

WikiExpert: In your opinion, what has been your biggest success to date?

Tarryn Tomlinson: My friend and her husband had been struggling for years to conceive. I taught her how to visualize in just one conversation and three months later she let me know she was expecting twins. To see the joy on her face was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

Do you want to get your ex back? Tarryn Tomlinson can help you. Message her for free to book a session.

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