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Back to School Anxiety

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Many are struggling with back to school anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a stressful time for both parents and students. Despite many schools taking the necessary precautions and safety measures, you might still not be feeling at ease. 

Also, more than a year of remote and physical learning has caused many students to fall behind on their education syllabus and they have also adapted to learning from home, which makes it a little more difficult for them to interact and be around their peers. 

Every child is different, yours might be excited to return to school whilst others might be feeling extremely anxious and stressed due to this. 

Here, we will discuss how to deal with back to school anxiety and we also share other helpful articles that were written by professionals.

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Learn how to manage anxiety. Read this article by George Stack, Online Counselor and Life Coach.

How to Cope with Back to School Anxiety

Parent talking to a child

Educate your child

It is essential to educate your kids about the virus without scaring them of course. Explain the dangers of COVID-19. From here, you can teach them about social distancing, sanitizing, etc. 

You should also emphasize the importance of taking safety precautions. 

Have a positive attitude

Remember, you have to be strong and positive for your children. Therefore, if you're going to feel anxious and stressed all the time, your kids will sense this and they will also start feeling this way.

We understand that it is difficult. However, you need to also encourage your children to remain confident and safe.

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Take the power back from anxiety! See how you can do it. Read this article by Ann Verster, Online Life Coach. 

Encourage a healthy lifestyle

Child helping to prepare a meal

As we all know a healthy lifestyle is essential to combating the virus. So, now is your opportunity to encourage your children to eat healthy foods and stay active. 

Also, get creative with their meals! Make living healthy fun for them!

How to Help a Child with Anxiety about School

Are you struggling to get your child to go to school? This is a strong indicator that your kid might be suffering from back to school anxiety. Here are other signs:

  • Difficulty with concentrating or remembering things;
  • Trouble with falling asleep or oversleeping;
  • Overeating or lack of appetite;
  • Tummy troubles;
  • Headaches;
  • Little to no confidence;
  • Poor school performance;
  • Loss of interest in things they once enjoyed;
  • Irritability.

These are just some of the major symptoms. If you notice any of these, then it is vital to take the next steps.

WikiExpert suggestion

Here are some subtle signs of anxiety. See what they are. Written by Ann Verster, Online Life Coach. 

Talk to your child

In order to solve this problem, you need to understand the root cause. So, sit your child down and talk. 

Ask your child if the anxiety is due to the pandemic or another reason. Remember, the virus is not the only reason why your child could be suffering from anxiety. 

Get involved in your child's life

You need to be an active parent and this will show your child that you care and have his best interest at heart. 

After school, you can take your child to do things that he likes, prepare his favorite meal, etc. If you don't have time during the week, then you can plan fun activities during the weekends.  

You should also get involved in your kid's school life, help out with homework, stay aware of events that are happening. 

Encourage your child to interact with friends

Human interaction is essential for children. However, please do also educate your child about social distancing.

The goal here is to get your child to make friends and develop social skills. This could help tremendously with anxiety. 

Set a routine

Timetable for kids

Due to distance learning, many children might have fallen out of their routines. This makes it more difficult for parents to bring them on track again. 

Set a timetable for them and stick to it. For example, homework needs to be done at a certain time, dinner, bedtime, etc.

Also, avoid any electronic devices closer to bedtime, cut out their screen time. This will help them to fall asleep easier. 

Another fact to take into consideration is also not to overwork your child. Don't overdo it with the chores and extracurricular activities. Allow your child to have some relaxation time. Or else, it could worsen the anxiety. 

WikiExpert suggestions

One of the best ways to deal with stress is through meditation. Read this article by Rita Hurry, Online Life Coach. 

See why you should practice meditation for peace and joy. Written by Tony Fahkry, Online Life Coach. 

Get professional help

As a parent, you know your child best and if you notice that nothing has worked and that the anxiety is getting out of control, then you need to reach out for professional help. 

An Expert in the field can help to identify the issues your child is facing and work through them accordingly. 

On WikiExpert, you can read parenting articles and even follow this topic to stay updated. For personalized help for your child, you can book a session with one of our Experts. 

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