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Relationship Advice for Women to Have a Great Love Life

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We have invited professionals on WikiExpert to give relationship advice for women. These are our top female Online Life Coaches that are dedicated to helping women to achieve healthier and happier relationships. 

Relationships are undoubtedly challenging and more women are faced with endless struggles. In this article,  Experts will give tips and advice on how to overcome these issues so that you can have a successful relationship with your partner. 

Relationship Advice for Women to Have a Great Love Life

Let's see what the Experts have to say:

In order to have a great love life, Denell Henefield, Online Life Coach, recommends improving your communication.

Be transparent in communication. Clearly communicate your needs, desires and feelings to your partner.

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If you're getting into a new relationship or in the early stages of one, Gail De Souza, Online Life and Love Coach, gives advice on how to start building the foundation to having a great love life:

1) Don’t give too much away from yourself in the early days. Like an onion, there are many layers to reveal you don’t want to do this in the early stages of dating. Although, when it comes to your one you can tell them anything and they won’t batter their eyelids. 

Gail's tip

2) Some people who don’t have enough confidence may find themselves in a compromised position. With viruses and STDs, you must discern who you share bodily fluids with. 

3) The foundation’s you start your relationship is very important. 

Gail's tip

4) You want to be your authentic self and he sees you in divine light. More often people settle for the wrong fit and this causes problems later on in the relationship. Just imagine sitting in front of this person for the next 50 years and if it’s looking good then that’s a good bet. 

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Shivani Patel, Online Life Coach speaks about how you accept unconditionally and also love yourself first and heal. 

Acceptance and willingness to receive: 

Sometimes avoidance is so alluring because it challenges our ego. It is quite exciting to be caught up in a push-pull dynamic with someone toxic than to accept the love that is readily available and healthy.

Rejection brings excitement because it feeds our ego in believing that something needs to be proven. We tend to think that all people in good relationships require to pay some price, offer some sacrifices or bring some kind of changes in themselves in order to make it work or to become lovable and worthy. 

This need of converting one’s self to be so special that it can change someone’s mind or behavior to suit our needs brings excitement but at the same time, this excitement is also draining and soul-sucking from so many different levels.

When we abandon ourselves for someone who’s undeserving of our energy, our inner child usually gets hurt deeply and feels afraid to be alone, in this type of situation we need to be ok to walk away when our heart isn’t being cherished, honored, or supported by someone.

Shivani's tip

We all have days where we show up as the worst versions of ourselves but at the end of the day, we all deserve to be with someone who loves us on the hard days and treats the relationship in a sacred manner unconditionally, this acceptance and love should first begin from ourselves though. Unconditional acceptance of ourselves and our worthiness to receive love is a must because what is yours will be yours effortlessly. 

Self-love and self-healing:

There is a great inner power within you called ’love’, that can reach up to incredible heights of healing on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. This power can help you discover who you really are so that you can walk your unique path, and reach the peak of the highest mountain of realizing your infinite potential. If you access that inner power you will not only change your life positively, but you will also help to change other people's lives too. By becoming conscious of this power of love you will discover the sacredness within you. 

Each of us has a sacred inner space, which is part of ourselves. That sacred space is a temple for our inner strength, for our intuition and our connection to the divine in us. Your higher self is the more manifester of all that is and that is beyond time and space. Honor and move for the Divinity of your higher being and remember every day you were born to achieve freedom from your inner demons and manifest this Power of Love and Wisdom. 

Shivani's tip 2

If your own cup isn’t full you will not be able to pour anything out of it so give time for yourself for your self-healing. Love yourself first unconditionally and others for who they are. Fulfill your own mental, emotional and social needs, Feel your own cup with love and worship your body temple because when you will become love and love will come and find you. 

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Elizabeth Smith, Online Life Coach explains how women can build healthy relationships. She encourages women to have a balanced and relaxed mind first before focusing on their partners. 

Elizabeth also strongly recommends having good communication skills in your relationship so that both of you can be happy. 

Healthy and happy relationships are what most women desire. Sometimes we ask ourselves how we can establish or maintain this type of relationship with our partner. Well, ladies, there are two powerful and helpful tips you can incorporate to be happy and healthy. 

Elizabeth's tip

Start by clearing your mind. We all get busy and want to be a “superwoman” for our partner. However, if our mind is not balanced, we tend to not be happy or are unable to focus on our partner. It is important to take time to relax and decompress. The best way to do this is by trying simple meditation or yoga techniques. Please take the time to clear your mind. 

Secondly, openly communicate with your partner. When things do not feel right or your intuitions feel off, communicate. Having a healthy and happy relationship means understanding each other. Communicating is at the top of the list when it comes to establishing a happy relationship. Help your partner understand how you feel. Set time aside to communicate openly and honestly.  

These two routines are sure to give you a fabulous head start into a happy relationship. Try them and see where your relationship can take you.

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We hope that you found these Expert tips to be helpful. Moreover, you can book a session with them to receive personalized help and advice that's tailored to your needs. 

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Special thanks:

Denell Henefield

Gail De Souza

Shivani Patel

Elizabeth Smith

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