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5 Essentials to Having a Healthy Relationship

See what the foundation is and how you can build it.

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In this article, we will give relationship advice for women and we'll also cover the most important factors of a healthy and strong relationship. 

Each and every individual wants to have a happy and harmonious relationship. However, building and maintaining this isn't always easy. 

Relationships and marriage come with different challenges and issues. You and your husband can work together not only to solve it but to build a healthy relationship with one another. 

We also share articles written by professionals that others like you found helpful. 

5 Essentials of a Healthy Relationship

5 essentials to a healthy relationship


Without trust in a relationship, there is no happiness. When partners don't trust each other, it causes jealousy and accusations. 

In healthy relationships, partners can spend time with friends and family without their spouse getting jealous or feeling insecure. 

One of the essentials of a healthy relationship is being able to trust one another completely, no matter what situation you're in. Also, not feeling insecure about whether your spouse is cheating. 

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This is a must-have for every relationship. Having healthy boundaries is fine too. But being able to compromise while keeping both happy is one of the essentials to building a strong and long-lasting relationship. 

You and your husband need to learn to meet each other halfway when certain situations arise or when it comes to major decisions. 

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Learn the necessary skills for resolving conflict in a relationship. Written by Jennifer Lehr, Online Therapist. 


One of the most important factors to building a healthy relationship is to have solid communication skills. Without this, it can lead to disagreements and unnecessary problems. 

Being able to confide in each other openly without holding back any feelings also falls under good communication skills. 

By being able to communicate effectively, you'll find that there are fewer issues in your relationship. 

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Dharan Murali, Online Therapist gives 5 ways on how to improve communication in your relationship. 


Maintaining a physical connection with your spouse is essential to building a healthy relationship. 

Being able to express physical desires, likes and dislikes is also an important factor. Intimacy also goes beyond sex. There are also little acts of physical affection that couples can display towards one another. Such as hugging, cuddling, kissing, holding hands in public, etc. 

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See the secrets to great sex. Written by Tarryn Tomlinson, Online Life Coach.

Solving disagreements and conflict

When problems go on unresolved and when issues begin to escalate, that's when you know you're in an unhealthy relationship. 

Disagreements and conflict do arise and that's perfectly normal but it's how you both as a couple work through them and come together to solve it at the earliest, rather than avoiding the problems at hand. 

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Learn how to turn conflict into collaboration when you and your partner disagree. Read this article by John Donlon, Online Counselor. 


Relationships require a lot of work and effort. You can get the help you need on WikiExpert. Read articles written by professionals that others like you, found helpful. You can also follow the topic "relationship" to stay updated on the latest. 

For personalized help, you can book a session with one of our Online Relationship Coaches or Marriage Counselors.

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