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8 Things that Makes an Ex Come Back?

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So, you're wondering "will my ex come back?". After a breakup, not all hope is lost. There are chances that you can reunite with him and even build a stronger relationship. 

There are several reasons why your ex might come crawling back to you. Here we have compiled the most common factors.

Have you heard the saying "when you love something, you must let it go, if it's meant to be yours, it will come back to you"? This fits in perfectly with this type of situation. 

In this article, we also share articles that were written by professionals, that others like you found helpful. 

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Breakups are all about perspective. Read this article by Trina Leckie, Online Life Coach. 

8 Things that Makes an Ex Come Back

8 things that makes an ex come back


Some exes feel guilty about breaking up with you or maybe something that was a fault on his end. When he realizes this and the guilt strikes, it's a strong indication that he will return to you. 

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Learn how to practice forgiveness in a relationship. Read this article by Dharan Murali, Online Therapist. 


True love does exist and even if it comes across as your ex doesn't love you. This might not be the case. Perhaps, it was difficult for your ex to express his feelings. However, love is one of the most common reasons that make exes come back. 

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Here are some common reasons as to why your partner broke up with you. Read this article by Ajay Yadav, Online Life Coach. 


So, you might be thinking, he can get this elsewhere. However, for some sex is better with someone with whom you share a connection and have also bonded. So, this can bring your ex back to you.

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Learn about the 30-day no-contact rule, how it works and how it can bring your ex back. Written by Ann Verster, Online Life Coach. 


Your ex might not be able to handle the thought of you moving on without him. This is another factor that brings exes back. 


If you've spent years together, it would definitely be difficult to separate. Therefore, he will feel lonely and this will make him want to come back to you and vice versa, chances are, you are also feeling the same. 

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Feeling lonely? See the benefits of alone time. Read this article by Rita Hurry, Online Life Coach. 

Missing you

Apart from feeling lonely, your ex might feel as though something is missing from his life, which is you! Therefore, when he realizes this, he will come crawling back.

It was a mistake

Let's face it, everyone makes mistakes. So, it's possible that your ex made a mistake by breaking up with you. Once it's been acknowledged, he will come back to you. 

Afraid of dating

Believe it or not, but some are terrified of dating, starting over and finding someone new. Going through the whole process can be tiresome and many are not willing to go through this. 


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