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How to Keep Him Interested in You, Long Distance

Tips and texting rules that will keep him engaged

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So, you're asking how to keep interested in you long distance. In this article, we will cover some tips and advice on how to do this. 

Whether you're interested in a man or you want to keep your long-distance relationship alive, we have you covered. 

You might be feeling insecure about whether he has feelings for you or whether he's going to find someone else, which is perfectly normal. However, there are ways in which you can keep him engaged, longing for your presence and begging for more.

We also share articles that were written by Experts that others like you found helpful. 

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How to keep him interested in you

Keep track of major events in his life

We are not saying that you should stalk him but pay attention to things he tells you such as whether he's got a promotion at work, completed a big project, etc. Congratulate him on the days of his big achievements. Please don't forget birthdays too!

Be honest about your life

Have you heard the saying, "honesty is the best policy?" Well, this is 100% true. No one will ever want to start a relationship when the other person has been dishonest from the beginning. So, feel free to share both the good and bad parts of your life. 

Don't forget to also show him that you have a life outside of him and that your world doesn't revolve around him!

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Tell him how much you miss him

You don't have to be overbearing and say it every 5 minutes. But feel free to elaborate on how much you miss him and that you long for his presence. Or feel free to get creative with the way you say it. For example:

  • I can't wait to see you again;
  • You're definitely worth the wait;
  • I can't wait to have you right beside me.

This list can go on. 

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Be positive and avoid jealousy

Being far away or not knowing what's happening in his life can stir up insecurity and negative emotions but you have to be in control of this. Nothing is worse than an annoying and insecure partner. So, avoid questions like:

  • Where were you? 
  • Who are you with?
  • Why didn't you call or respond to my messages?
  • Who's that girl?

This will probably send him the right signals and he'll start avoiding you altogether. Keep calm and stop showing jealousy. 

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Don't call too often and appear to be desperate

When you miss someone or you want to start a relationship, it's normal to want to speak to him all day and night. However, this will only lead him to think that you're needy, clingy and insecure. So, cut it out! Call during his lunch break or at night before bed. 

Men also tend to lose interest in women who appear to be desperate. So, keep this in mind, before you hit the dial button. 

Don't always do the chasing, let him do it too

Even when you know that he is interested in you, don't always chase! Let him do some of the hard work too. Let him be the one you call or text you first at times. You don't want to be the one who does it first every single day. 

Texting rules to keep him interested in you

On a lighter and more fun note, here are some text rules you can follow to keep him engaged.

Texting rules to keep him interested

Get specific with your texts

Don't just send a simple "hey" or "what's up". Don't behave like a typical teenager. Be more specific when you text such as:

  • Hi, how are you? How was your day?
  • Did you get the promotion? 
  • Hi, just thinking of you, so thought I'd drop you a message. 

Lazy texting will not keep him interested. 

Avoid complaining all the time

By all means, you are allowed to confide and share your feelings. Whether you've had a bad day or something went wrong, you can tell him. However, the problem comes in when that is all you talk about. 

No one wants to hear your endless complaints for hours on end or every single day. So, feel free to vent and let him comfort you and then move on. Start speaking about something else. 

Be humorous

There is no harm in showing your personality and injecting some fun and laughter into your texts. This will also keep him engaged and it will prove that you have a fun side to you. So, feel free to crack a joke - provided it's not a serious situation. 

If you're not really that good at being humorous, resort to the internet. Look for funny jokes, videos, GIFs, etc. Just don't overdo it though. 

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Don't respond too early or late

You don't have to respond immediately after he texts you. This falls back onto appearing desperate so take a little time before sending him one back. 

In the same breath, don't take too much time to respond unless you are working long hours or you're asleep. You don't want him to get tired of waiting for you too. 

Don't overdo it

Earlier we mentioned not to chase and be overbearing. So, keep this in mind as a texting rule. You don't have to message him every hour or start panicking when he does not respond. Please also avoid keeping a watch on his "last seen". This will drive you insane and drive him away. 

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Get sexy and seductive when you're ready

If you're ready, feel free to add a little sexuality in your messages. You don't have to be too explicit and you should also avoid overdoing it. No need to send him nudes, all you're doing is just teasing him to keep him engaged. So, texts like:

  • Bought some new lingerie, can't wait to wear it for you;
  • I can't wait to hold and touch you;
  • If you were here right now, I would be really naughty. 

Don't give out too many details. Keep it short, sexy and mysterious. 


We hope that things work out for you and your partner. It's time for you to be happy! If you need a little help with getting some confidence in your new relationship or you'd like to get through the whole long-distance relationship struggles, you can read articles that were written by professionals on WikiExpert that others like you, found helpful.

You can also follow this topic to stay updated. If you feel you'd benefit from personalized professional help, you can reach out to one of our Online Relationship and Dating Coaches to book a session.

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