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A good article is a great way to engage and capture potential clients.

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You’ve spent more than 10,000 hours becoming an Expert in your field and want to share your knowledge with others. You have a unique background that you think others could benefit from learning about. You have a passion for helping others access the information or support their need no matter where they are located.

If any of these descriptions apply to you, then you should probably have an account on Unlike other platforms that just list basic background information and reviews, WikiExpert is a content-driven platform. Your profile page will still list the important basic information, but it also gives you a chance to showcase your skills via content. 

Why Content is Important

Customers have nearly endless options for online service providers and courses. While reviews can be helpful, just because a reviewer had a good experience doesn’t mean the customer will connect in the same way. All end users are different, after all.

With content, you’ll get to demonstrate your expertise, personality and approach to your work. This helps build trust and loyalty with customers. If customers connect with your content, then they’re more likely to sign up for your services. A good article can be a great way to engage and capture potential clients.

How to Create Relevant Content

If you aren’t sure how to write the kind of content that will attract users, here are some best practices to follow:

Title: As they say, first impressions matter. Your title should be catchy, concise and appropriate to the content. If a title is boring or too generic, customers may pass on your article. Conversely, if your title is funny but doesn’t relate to your article, you’ll lose credibility.

Introduction: Customers have very short attention spans these days. This doesn’t mean you have to write a post all in emojis, but your content should be engaging from the get-go. A strong introduction is one of the best ways to grab a potential customer’s attention. Statistics and personal stories often appeal to broad groups. 

SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how potential customers will find your content. Think about how you do an internet search. You enter in a few search terms, or keywords and see what results appear. You can place keywords in your title and article body, roughly every 100 words so you won’t be accused of keyword stuffing, in order to make your content more relevant for search engines.

Links: In your content you can link to internal and external sources. An internal link is when you link to another article you’ve written on WikiExpert. This is a helpful strategy if you want to reference a topic that you explored in depth in another article. An external link is when you link to a website outside of WIkiExpert. This helps build your authority as an Expert.

Sources: In order to build your credibility, make sure to cite any sources. This will show that you truly understand the industry and are on top of the latest trends influencing your area of expertise. Also, if you cite stats or research and don’t cite the source, you could be accused of plagiarism. 

Visuals: Many customers love visual content (just think of how popular Instagram and memes are). Adding a graph or picture is a great way to pull in an audience and tell a story in a different way. It brings your content to life and makes for a more interesting read. 

Meaningful Content: Even with all of the above tips, you still need high-quality content in order to connect with your audience. Customers are smart, and they’ll see right through a fluff or purely marketing piece. Your content is a chance to showcase the kind of expertise customers will get once they work with you. Make it count.

Proofread: Before hitting publish, make sure to proofread and edit your content. Read it aloud to make sure it makes sense. Use online tools to check spelling and grammar.

Get Started Writing Content Today

In addition to setting up your profile on, be sure to have a few pieces of content ready to go. The more regularly you publish content, the easier it will be for potential customers to find and engage with you and boo online sessions.

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