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Overcoming Anxiety During Pregnancy.

Get all the tips you need and also see how to calculate your due date.

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Is this your first child? Get advice for first time parents so that you are prepared for parenthood. Either way, whether this is your first pregnancy or not, congratulations! 

Let's face it, pregnancy and bringing a child into the world is exciting but also scary at the same time. Therefore, it's perfectly normal to feel anxious and stressed at a time like this. 

Taking care of yourself and your fetus (mentally and physically) is an essential part of getting through your pregnancy with ease. 

Here, we will cover how to overcome stress and anxiety. Moreover, we'll also show you how to work out which week of pregnancy you're in and how to calculate your due date. This will give you an idea of how to plan and prepare yourself mentally for the birth of your baby. 

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Here are some subtle signs that you might be struggling with anxiety. Read this article by Ann Verster, Online Life Coach. 

How common is anxiety in pregnancy?

You're not alone, more than 1 in 10 pregnant women suffer from anxiety. You also should not feel like a failure. In all honesty, pregnancy can be difficult to cope with physically and it can also bring about other emotional and mental challenges. 

Common reasons for being anxious during pregnancy include:

Traumatic past incident

If you've had a miscarriage in the past, it would be normal to feel as though it could happen again. Or if this isn't your first child and you've had a traumatic experience in your previous childbirth, you'd naturally feel afraid that the same thing might happen again. 

Fear of childbirth

Childbirth is not easy. Therefore, many pregnant women would naturally feel fearful of childbirth. However, when this starts becoming a phobia and a severe fear, then seeking professional help would be essential. 

A phobia of childbirth is called Tokophobia. You know you'll have to go through it but due to your fear that you don't want to go through it and you get extremely stressed thinking about it. 

Tokophobia is the fear of childbirth

Needle phobias

This can create problems when important tests and treatments are required during pregnancy.

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Learn how to let go of resistant and difficult feelings. Read this article by Tony Fahkry, Online Life Coach. 

This might be a stressful time for you but see how you can release the fear and gain peace. Read this article by Megan McCarthy, Online Life Coach. 

Symptoms of anxiety in pregnancy

  • Constant worry about yourself and your baby;
  • Feelings of dread;
  • Irritability; 
  • Inability to concentrate;
  • Restlessness and difficulties with falling and staying asleep.

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If your anxiety has led to panic attacks, read this article by Giovanni Navajo to learn more about this. 

What week of pregnancy are you in?

Now, let's dive into how far you are in your pregnancy so that you can use the time to ease your anxiety. As you might have heard there are 40 weeks in pregnancy (280 days). However, most moms won't actually reach their 40th week. So, don't expect to reach this mark. 

There are three trimesters in every pregnancy

First trimester: lasts from weeks 1-13

Second trimester: lasts from weeks 14-27

Third trimester: lasts from weeks 28 and up

How to calculate your due date

For this, you'll need to try and remember the first date of your last period. So, what you'll need to do is subtract 3 months from this date, then add seven days and then add one year. This is how you'll get to your due date. 

WikiExpert suggestion

In this article, Maryam Hameed discusses post-partum anxiety and depression. Therefore, if your anxiety carries on after childbirth, you can get tips from this. 

How to overcome anxiety during pregnancy

Relax and take care of yourself

This goes without saying, but it is important to take care of yourself and your baby too! Eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest and pamper yourself. 

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The benefits of mindfulness. Read this article by Nico De Napoli, Online Life Coach. 

Meditate and practice mindfulness

Pregnant woman meditating

Meditating not only relaxes the mind but your body also! This will help with easing your anxiety. By practicing this, you'll also be more at peace and mentally, you'll have the ability to overcome all the negativity that you're faced with. 

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You can listen to your soul through meditation. Read this article by Rita Hurry, Online Life Coach.

In this article, Tony Fahkry, Online Life Coach explains why you should practice meditation for peace and joy.

Here are 7 ways why meditation is a prescription for mental health. Read this article by Ann Verster, Online Life Coach. 

Get help from a professional

On WikiExpert, you can read through Expert articles about overcoming anxiety and also seek help from them regarding this. Or, if your anxiety is around being a parent, you can also read parenting articles to equip you with all the knowledge you need and book a session with an Online Parenting Coach to help you. 

WikiExpert suggestion

Read this article by George Stack, Online Counselor and Life Coach on how to manage anxiety. 

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