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How to Stop Fighting with Your Partner.

Learn how to keep the peace!

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Fighting, arguing and disagreements in a relationship are perfectly normal. Every now and then, it's expected for you to get into a tiff with your loved one. It's all part of being in a relationship.

However, when you find that you and your partner are constantly fighting, arguing and coming to blows, this is a bad sign. This could also lead to damaging and ruining your relationship. This is why you need to start working on it before it gets too late. 

Fighting too much and managing these situations poorly will eventually lead to a breakup. 

Below we cover several topics to help you and also suggest articles that professionals published right here on WikiExpert. You will certainly get the help you need and also see which articles other users, just like you, found helpful.

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Did you know that 57.7% of marriages end due to arguments and conflict? Read this article, the truth behind marriage and divorce statistics to learn more. 

How to stop fighting in a relationship

How couples can stop fighting

Stop getting defensive

It's perfectly normal to start getting defensive when being criticized, blamed, or wrongfully accused. However, it doesn't make matters any better. If you are at fault, apologize and ask your partner how you can fix things and make them right and vice versa for your spouse.

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When a couple gets into a conflict, they generally get caught on the surface or problem level. Learn the skills for resolving conflict in a relationship. Read this article by Jennifer Lehr, Online Therapist. 

Create boundaries

During heated arguments and major disagreements, things can go out of hand which can lead to name-calling, yelling, holding things against each other, etc. If you and your partner keep doing this, eventually, the respect you have for one another will decline. So, set boundaries. Such as no attacks on your character, no swearing, etc. You can argue in a civil manner and resolve matters. 

Walk away and cool down

Do you or your partner have a bad temper? Or both of you? Whether it's one or both of you that are angry, walk away and calm down first before you sit down to talk and argue. Take a few minutes or an hour. However much time is needed and only when you feel like your mind is clear and that you won't say or do anything out of anger, then only approach your spouse. 

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Toxic and limiting beliefs and behaviors that harm you and your relationship potential whether you're dating or in a committed relationship. Read this article by Christina Kyranis, Online Life Coach. 

Solve at the earliest 

As mentioned above, take some time to cool down if you're angry but that doesn't mean you should take weeks or months to resolve your issues with your spouse. Remember, running away from your problems won't solve them. 

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Here are the top five ways to turn arguments into learning conversations, and improve your relationship and connection. Read this article by John Donlon, Online Counselor. 

Remember that you love each other

An argument or fight won't change the fact that you love your partner. When you're upset and angry, it's difficult to see the good things in your relationship. However, try and think about this when you're in the midst of a conflict and you'll see that your anger will ease and you'll be more willing to resolve your issues.

Get professional help 

If things are really not going well and you find yourself and your spouse constantly arguing and not resolving your matters, then you both could benefit from professional help. 

Read through relationship articles written by professionals that others found helpful. You can also follow the topic relationship to stay updated on the latest. 

If needed, you can also book a session with one of our Online Relationship Coaches or Marriage Counselors. A professional will be able to help you and your spouse to work through your issues.

Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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