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How many single-parent families are there?

Read this article to see the statistics.

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Single parenting families are on the increase! This is not surprising considering the divorce rates. If this is something that you're going through - you're not alone. 

Beyond the divorce rates, many are left being single parents due to being widowed and also never being married. 

In this article, we cover the statistics of single parenting families in the USA, UK and Europe. 

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Single parenting statistics

Let's dive deeper into the statistics of single-parent families. 

Single parenting in the USA

According to Statista, in 2019, around 15.76 million children were living with a single mother and around 3.23 million children living with a single father.

Single mothers & fathers in the USA

The number of children living with a single mother was at its peak in 2012. In 2005, the number of children living with a single father was at its peak in 2005. 

Statistics of single parenting families have been increasing since the 1970s. Moreover, in 2019, fewer households have children under the age of 18 in comparison to 1970. The number of births has also fallen since. 

According to CompareCamp, 57% of millennial mothers are single mothers.

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Single parenting in the UK

In 2019, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 14.9% were lone-parent families in the UK. That's 2.9 million single-parent families. 86% were lone-parent mothers. However, the number of lone-parent fathers is also increasing. Between 1999 and 2019, the rate of single fathers has grown by 22%. 

According to, 32% of families in the UK was a single-parent family at some point.

In 2017, 55% of UK single parents had one child, 33% had two children, and 13% had three children.

UK single parent families

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Single parenting in Europe

According to Eurostat 2-18, 15% of households were managed by single parents. The countries with the highest rate of single parents rates are:

Countries with highest number of single parents in Europe

The countries in Europe with the lowest percentage of single-parent families are:

Countries with the lowest single parents in Europe

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Struggles single-parent families face

Single mothers are faced with challenges. According to Gallup, these are the percentages of single moms who were struggling to afford shelter in 2019 by country:

Single mothers who struggle to afford shelter by country

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Another common struggle that single mothers face is mental health issues. 20.6% of mothers that were single at childbirth experienced postpartum depression and 11.5% of young moms who were cohabitating at childbirth also experienced postpartum depression according to

Beyond financial issues and depression, single mothers may also face other issues such as bereavement and mood disorders. 

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Being a single parent is undoubtedly difficult. However, as you can see, you're not alone. You can still be the best parent and raise your children well. If you're struggling with the challenges that single parenting brings about, you can read articles on WikiExpert that were written by Experts. You can also book a session with one of the Online Parenting Coaches to get help.

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