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Being a parent is challenging but being a step-parent can be even more difficult. However, it is rewarding. Many stepparents around the globe try their best to play the role of a parent to their new children and it's not always an easy path. 

Whilst there is no size fits all and every family is different, in this article we will cover some basic parenting tips for children. So, no matter what situation you're faced with, you'll be able to get through. 

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Divorce and separation have a negative impact on children and your stepchildren might be still grieving over their parents' breakup. Read this article and also let your spouse read it about how to partner with the co-parent by Latisha Taylor Ellis, Online Therapist. 

Common challenges that stepparents face

Step-parent having a difficult time

  • Problems with your spouse's ex;
  • Rejection from your stepchildren;
  • Jealousy from your own children;
  • Different parenting expectations from your partner;
  • Feelings of being left out. 

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Whether it's your stepchildren or your own that have issues. Learn how to deal with them with this effective 8-tip parenting direction article by Maryam Hameed, Online Life Coach. 

How to be a good stepparent

Step-parent and children happy

Speak to your partner

Discuss it with your spouse beforehand on the role he wants you to play in his child's life. Talk about how you can give each other feedback without the other person feeling offended or taking it personally. 

Take things slow

Bear in mind that you're entering a new family and the foundation of this relationship needs to be built. It will be difficult to get instant love from your stepchildren especially when both their parents are actively involved in their lives. 

Just as it will take you time to get to know them, it will also take them time to get used to you.

Bond with your new children

To form a bond with your stepchildren, start by doing little things together. Take them on outings without your partner. You can also take your own children along. Remember not to neglect or forget your own in the process of bonding with your stepchildren. 

Get involved in their lives one step at a time. This will be an icebreaker and it will show them that you're taking an interest in their lives and making an effort. 

Form a balance between your children and stepchildren. Don't make either of them feel as though you love the other more. Make it clear that you have no favorites and that they're all equally important to you. 

Stand your ground

Just because you're making an effort to get involved in your stepchildren's life, it does not mean you can allow anyone to take advantage of you. Be it your stepchildren, partner or their ex. Set healthy boundaries with them all. 

Don't talk bad about their parents to them

Even if things get better between you and your spouse or their ex, never speak ill of them to their children. This will drive them away from you. After all, it's still their parents. Even if your partner bad mouths his ex, refrain from joining in in front of the kids. 

Take care of yourself

Being a parent, in general, takes up a lot of your time but when you have an extended family, it's even more time-consuming. So, don't lose yourself in the process. Prioritize some "me" time or a date with your spouse. 

WikiExpert suggestion

Here are some self-care tips and strategies for parents. Written by Megan McCarthy, Online Life Coach.

Rewards of being a stepparent

If everything works out and you manage to form a strong relationship with your extended family. Here are some benefits and rewards of being a stepparent:

  • Develops a strong bond between your children and stepchildren;
  • Improves your relationship with your spouse;
  • Increases the happiness in your extended family.

If things are not working out

Step-parent stressed

Don't despair, you're not alone. Many stepparents are faced with the exact challenges as you are. Just know that in time things can change for the better. 

If you're in need of help, WikiExpert has Expert generated content and you can also book a session with one of our professionals who can help you to get through all the issues you're facing as a stepparent. 

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