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Are you an introvert?

You can still have a flourishing career! Learn how to do it.

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When you're an introvert, it is more difficult to get hired and also thrive in a working environment. In this article, we have professional job advice for introverts. 

You might feel shy and even get daunted at the thought of having to interact with your employers or co-workers. However, you should know there's nothing to feel ashamed of. You can still have a successful career despite being an introvert. 

Firstly, if you haven't even started your career and you're still deciding which field you'd like to go into, you should find out which jobs are the most suitable for introverted people. This would be the starting point of your career. 

If you already have a job and you are struggling to cope, rest assured, you can still thrive in your current position and advance your career. 

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Did you know that introverted people have more power than you imagined? Learn more about this and how you can embrace introverting. Read this article by Maryam Hameed, Online Life Coach. 

Professional job advice for introverts

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Have the willpower to advance

Sitting around and waiting for the opportunity to arise will not work out. Decide on what your goals are and which direction you'd like your career to take you. From here, start planning! Whether you need to learn a new skill or invest in yourself. 

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Don't get too comfortable! Always aim for the next promotion. Read this article by Cindy Makita, Online Career Coach.

Improve your public speaking skills

Public speaking

We know that is daunting and even some extroverts might even feel shy in these situations. However, when there is an opportunity for you to lead a meeting or speak in front of your colleagues and employers you should grab the opportunity. By doing this, in time, you'll feel more confident and comfortable with speaking in front of others. 

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Learn how to overcome the fear of public speaking with these 3 proven techniques. Read this article by Cris Ison, Online Life Coach. 

Can public speaking skills be learned or honed? Learn more and read this article by Sudeep Ghosh, Online Career Coach. 

Conquer fear and anxiety when speaking in front of others. Read this article by Mark Faithfull, Online Business Coach. 

Ask for feedback

Colleagues speaking

This might be difficult to hear especially when it's critical. However, instead of looking at the negative aspects of it, use it to see how and where you can improve. Ask your colleagues or employers to provide you with honest feedback and take it from there. 

Stay positive

The key to succeeding at anything in life is to believe in yourself! Therefore, you need to stay positive in even the most difficult of situations. 


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If needed, you can reach out to an Online Career Coach to mentor you and help you with this. You can message them for free to book a session.

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