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7-Year Itch Relationship Advice.

Suspect this is happening to you and your partner?

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So you've probably heard about the 7-year itch in relationships. But what does it actually mean? Once couples reach the 7-year mark, the relationship usually begins to decline and both partners have bypassed the honeymoon phase. 

Couples commonly feel as though their relationship isn't working and they no longer feel satisfied and content. 

One of the highest risks of divorce is between 1-2 years and then from 5-8 years. Given this fact, the 7-year itch poses a high risk of breaking up. 

Despite the statistics, you and your partner can overcome this 7-year itch and work together to revive your relationship. Don't let your relationship reach its expiry date!

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See the divorce statistics and which years pose a low, average and high risk of divorce along with the most common reasons. 

Signs and symptoms of the 7-year itch 

Signs and symptoms of a 7-year itch

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Taking each other for granted

When you and your partner have stopped caring for each other, it means you're taking one another for granted. Also, not appreciating the little things is another sign. 

Arguing and fighting constantly

Do you find yourself arguing and disagreeing too often? Usually about the same things over and over again? This is another symptom of the 7-year itch.

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See how you can improve arguments into learning conversations with your partner. Read this article by John Donlon, Online Counselor. 

Learn the necessary skills for resolving conflict in a relationship. Read this article by Jennifer Lehr, Online Therapist. 

No longer spending time together

At the beginning of every relationship, couples usually have "couple time". You have date nights and look forward to it. However, when you're going through the 7-year itch, you and your partner will no longer plan to spend time together. Or you prioritize work, family and friends over your spouse. 

Cannot confide each other

Another sign of the 7-year itch is when you and your partner start keeping secrets and you can no longer confide in each other. Whenever you find yourself in a situation or have an issue, you just cannot bring yourself to talk to your spouse about it. 

Constantly criticizing one another

Besides arguing and fighting too often, when you and your partner are continuously criticizing each other, it's another sign. It can be little things that you find yourself picking on your partner for. 

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Good relationships are hard work! They don’t just happen. See how you can harm yourself and your relationship potential.

Disagreements on financial issues

Whether it’s your financial goals or budgeting for the month, you and your partner cannot agree on money matters. 

What can you do to overcome the 7-year itch?

This period is difficult for any couple who is faced with it. However, not all hope is lost. Your relationship can still survive it. As mentioned above, the years 5-8 are the highest risk of divorce and the lowest is between 9-15 years. So, all you have to do is get through this tough stage. 

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