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How to find a job during the pandemic.

There is hope! Here's how you can do it.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the unemployment rates are increasing! Many have been left jobless whilst others have now embraced working remotely. Amidst this crisis, there are still opportunities. 

So, no need to panic and stress, you can focus on finding a remote job and work towards securing one. 

In addition to job hunting, you can also work towards expanding your skills and knowledge to increase your chances of getting hired. 

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Read this article, your job description for job search/find by Christina Talarico, Online Career Coach. 

How to find a job

Before you can start your job search. It's important to identify your skills and decide which field you'd like to work and apply for jobs in. 

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Learn about why the applicant tracking system is preventing you from finding a job successfully. Read this article by Ann Verster, Online Life and Career Coach. 

Start your job hunt online

Job alert

Signing up on platforms like LinkedIn is a good way to start your job search. There are also plenty of other websites that you can browse through jobs. Indeed is a good platform to search for jobs, Upwork is a good place for freelancers to find work in certain fields. On WikiExpert, you can also register for free if you're a Life Coach, Counselor, Therapist, Business Coach or Tutor. 

When signing up on LinkedIn, ensure that you complete your profile. Fill out all your sections in detail - as more recruiters are using LinkedIn to scan their applicants. 

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Familiarize yourself with online tools

When applying for remote jobs, it is essential to start learning how to use online tools such as project management systems, video calls, etc. Read through tutorial articles online to start learning. 

Increase your skills and knowledge

Gaining new skills and expanding your knowledge will increase your chances of getting hired. So, whether you want to advance your skill set in your current field or you want to learn new completely new and different, go ahead! This could also open the door for new opportunities. 

Build your resume and cover letter

Resume writing

This is the first step to securing a job so you need to make sure that it's well written and that it will make a good first impression. 

Whilst building your resume and cover letter, please do bear in mind that for each job application, you should personalize it according to the job description. As this will increase your chances of getting hired. 

So, create a standard template and personalize it as you go along. 

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Prepare yourself for an online job interview

Preparing for a job interview

You should prepare yourself om advance for a job interview. As mentioned before, start learning how to use video systems. You can also start preparing some of your answers to questions that are commonly asked in interviews. 

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Here are two top interview tips to help you. Read this article by Louise Jenner, Online Career Coach. 

When things are not falling into place

Securing a job can take a long time. However, you should not give up! Keep your hunt going and work towards making improvements with your resume or interview skills. 

On WikiExpert, you can read through articles for tips on how to get hired. Or if you'd prefer, you can book a session with an Online Career Coach to receive guidance throughout the job search process and everything that follows thereafter. 

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Suggested Topics

Follow the topics of your interest and stay updated on what matters to you.

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